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Magazine Archive 05-2016

Super technology for a super industry

It grew with alarming alacrity, slipped, staggered, and failed. The rise and fall of SunEdison, with the company filing for bankruptcy last month, was intriguing to watch. The irony of SunEdison’s official bankruptcy filing coming only one week after coal giant Peabody went the same way was lost on few. While overreach and an aggressive […]

System checks for seemingly intact systems

DC inspection: Its quality check service for PV systems offers energy provider Eon insights into the quality of PV plants, even systems that appear to be trouble-free. PV system owners including those that are unaware of any defects or reduced yield have gladly take advantage of the service.

A juncture for junction boxes

Junction boxes: An often overlooked link in any solar PV system, the steady performance of junction boxes is an important component in ensuring solar electricity is safely and efficiently produced. pv magazine examines the latest development, production and cost reduction trends currently shaping the sector.

The usual suspects

Global solar forecast: As policy announcements and changes trickle in from around the world, Mercom Capital reiterates its 2016 global solar forecast of 64.7 GW, with China, the U.S., Japan, and India to make up the top four solar markets respectively this year, writes Mercom Capital Group CEO Raj Prabhu.

A patchwork of opportunity

ASEAN policy overview: The majority of PV investment in Asia has gone to countries outside of Southeast Asia, largely due to limitations regarding climate and renewable policy. Southeast Asia has a huge gap between potential (in terms of geographical position and climate) and short-sighted policy outlook. However, the potential for the market is vast, and changes are leading many ASEAN economies in the right direction.

Turning the screw

Module prices: The PV industry still has not shaken off its winter slumber, and yet IKEA wants to take the market by storm.

Equipped with challenges

German production equipment suppliers: Götz Fischbeck of Smart Solar Consulting finds German production equipment suppliers facing substantial headwinds, despite strong technology offerings. If the current storm can be negotiated, a new opportunity may await.

Wacker’s new poly plant

Charleston plant opening: A fitting opening for Wacker’s $2.5 billion polysilicon plant in Tennessee was held in mid-April, and pv magazine was invited along to see first-hand the innovation and scope of ambition on display.

Feasibility of India’s rooftop ambitions

India: While the financials in several subsets of the rooftop PV market segment in India can play out, some key regulatory hurdles must be overcome if India is to meet its ambitious solar goals. Akhilesh Magal the Head Solar Advisor to the Government of Gujarat provides this insightful analysis.

Wet chemical processes for high-efficiency PV

Wet chemical texturing: Wet chemical processes are a vital part of getting to the magic of high-efficiency solar PV. These processes can be tricky, and are continually evolving as new technologies become available.

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