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Magazine Archive 06-2010

Defect buster

Process-control tools: The rise of thin film manufacturing is fueling a growing demand for metrology and in-line process-control tools. But what tools are necessary and whether the investments will pay off is a matter of debate.

To the New World

Made in North America. Sparked by new solar policies in the United States and Canada, manufacturing activity is booming in North America. Solar companies are announcing new factory plans by the dozens as they seek footholds in a market which has long held the potential, but not the policies to reach industry-moving size. But will it ultimately make sense to manufacture in North America for the long term?

Effects of the euro slide

Ardour solar index: The solar sector is under heavy pressure in the wake of European turbulence.

Unseen quality

Module assembly: Generally, module manufacturers offer a 25-year performance guarantee with certificates and quality labels. But certificates and quality labels do not tell us much about the long-term stability of modules. In reality, tests under harsh conditions discover drastic differences in endurance. The modules are to be tested with the greatest care.

Electricity in a snakeskin jacket

Building integration: Photovoltaics on stadium roofs is becoming a more familiar sight. If you want to see a megawatt-capacity photovoltaic array though, that’s a genuine structural component of a newly built stadium and supplies all of its electricity, the first port of call is Taiwan.

Fit for the Roof

Thin film market overview: In the following table, over forty manufacturers list the technical data of more than 250 modules. Manufacturers have focused their attention on large-scale projects in recent years. In the meantime, several of them have discovered the small roof as a lucrative market.

Full power ahead

India: The Indian government’s National Solar Mission is stimulating the local photovoltaics business on all levels. Additional manufacturing lines are being constructed and several large scale projects for solar power generation have taken off. A report from India.

Growth continues unhampered

Intersolar Europe: The leading international PV trade show continues to grow. From June 9-11, more than 1,800 exhibitors, half of them from outside Germany, are expected in Munich. The biggest trend for all product groups this year is lower costs.

Kick-off for solar energy

South Africa: The Republic of South Africa promises excellent remuneration for large solar power arrays, but connection to the grid is subject to negotiation. Neither grid operators nor producers are required to buy the electricity. Because they prevent problems caused by power outages, off-grid systems still play the most important role in the country, but the South African PV market could really start picking up next year.

Landmark- setting program

Guest article: Terrie Romano, Consul for Economic Affairs of the province Ontario, summarizes the effects of the feed-in tariff program in Canada’s highest populated province.

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