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Magazine Archive 09-2014

On time and on budget

Supply chain management: Logistics is becoming more complex as the industry is expanding globally. A study by IPVEA and Solar PV Consulting found that the solar industry is losing huge amounts due to a lack of supply chain optimization.

Why do we need more women in solar?

Recruitment: Women make up only 18.7% of the solar workforce in the U.S. What is stopping women from joining our forward-looking industry? And what can be done about it? Rosana Francescato from PV Solar Report seeks the answers.

The Future PV Forum

Solar PV: For a technology to have come so far, so quickly, is testament to the innovation, passion and expertise coursing through the solar industry. But where does solar PV go from here? The Future PV Forum – created in collaboration with pv magazine and Heraeus – will delve into this discussion at the Forum Solarpraxis, Berlin, on November 27 and 28, exploring topics ranging from the latest technical innovations to the next phase of cost reduction.

The future of SMA: An analysis

SMA: pv magazine publisher Karl-Heinz Remmers examines leading German inverter manufacturer SMA and its global prospects amid plunging inverter prices and growing competition.

The disruptive potential of thin and kerfless wafers

Thin c-Si: The ultimate goal of thin and kerfless wafer technologies is to achieve competitive efficiencies at lower production costs, using less material in the process. A few innovative startups are already making encouraging strides in the U.S., finds pv magazine, and could deliver a superior solar solution within the next five years.

The challenge of high efficiency PV testing

Flashing and cell testing: High efficiency PV represents progress for the PV industry, but it also presents challenges.


The boom continues

Japan: PV is big in Japan. Over the last two years the industry has blossomed under its generous FIT scheme. But many continue to ask whether the boom will continue or be stopped dead in its tracks. pv magazine reports from one of Japan’s biggest solar trade shows.

Ten points on the Turkish solar market

Turkey: A growing economy, an insatiable thirst for energy, high levels of solar irradiation and an enviable location at the crossroads of East and West. Are these conditions perfect for nurturing the next solar superstar, or a muddled cocktail where dormant potential is forever doomed to remain unfulfilled? pv magazine breaks down the Turkish enigma into these 10 key points.

Taking a breather

Module prices: The industry is searching for ways out of the summer slump.

Sharp learning curve

SEMI roadmap: Where is c-Si technology headed? Which new processes and technologies are truly competitive according to the analysis of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)? pv magazine spoke with Stephan Raithel of SEMI Europe and Paxon Lee of SEMI Taiwan about SEMI’s International Technology Roadmap for PV (ITRPV).

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