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Magazine Archive 11-2013

Mono-Multi debate dominates PV tech trends

PV equipment: With solar PV equipment suppliers pushing for increased adoption of next generation high-efficiency concepts, the fundamental issue remains end market adoption of mono or multi PV panels and the requirement of upstream PV manufacturers to move away from proven c-Si multi manufacturing processes – says Finlay Colville, Vice President of NPD Solarbuzz.

A place to recharge

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa: Located in Chile’s stunning Atacama desert, the Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa is part-powered by an off-grid solar system installed by Germany’s Kraftwerk RPS. pv magazine caught up with Kraftwerk’s Managing Director, Dr. Karsten Schulte, to discover more about this groundbreaking venture.

Going up?

Cell technology: Suppliers of PV solar cell production equipment can afford to find something to smile about again as they start to see orders come through.

Fretting over junction boxes

Junction boxes: The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) sent out a warning in February this year declaring certain installed module types as potentially flammable. Poor contacts in the circuit boards of junction boxes were cited as one of the reasons for this public warning. The safety of solar modules was called into question, giving solar skeptics a field day.

Fiercer global competition

Ranking inverter manufacturers: The two top dogs SMA and Power-One continue to dominate the inverter market. However, due to increasing competition and the rise in significance of non-European markets, above all Japan, China and the U.S., the balance of power is beginning to change.

Energy lies

Dear readers, And so it came to pass once again. In early October an outcry reverberated through Germany’s media. The reason: From next year, average electricity prices for household customers will increase by approximately one cent. And renewable energy is to blame. For years, sun, wind & co. have served as political scapegoats for high […]

Down Under in flux

Australia: With state-based feed-in tariffs almost gone, the Australian PV market is in a transition phase. The market seems to be delivering ongoing demand, however dark clouds in the form of changes to government policy loom.

Chile’s merchant solar economics

Chile: Chile is emerging as what may be the first major merchant market for solar power in Latin America, thanks to the confidence of a few developers, the power demand of mining companies, and the financial support of multilateral banks. But the limited capacity of the electricity grid could pose some problems.

Capacity for growth

PV investment guide Mexico: David Pérez Navarro of Eclareon, and Horacio M. De Uriarte and Lorenza Langarica O’Hea of Mijares Angoitia Cortes Y Fuentes outline Mexico’s burgeoning PV potential.

At the inflection point

Silicon industry: Polysilicon prices are stabilizing, but manufacturers are still not turning a profit. That could gradually change as more and more companies collapse under the industry’s deadly competition. But for U.S. companies slapped with high Chinese antidumping tariffs, the crisis is likely to continue.

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