Microgrid control systems

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General information

Name of companySiemens
Website of companywww.siemens.com/microgrids
Name of productSpectrum Power MGMS
Product is hardware and/or software-platformpure software-platform
Product standardized or project-specific?both
Distribution in which countries?worldwide
Unique selling proposition of the productControl of multiple microgrids, multi-objective optimization and optimal power flow analysis

Services of the company

Company produces microgrid control hardwareno
Company programs microgrid control softwareyes
Company provides system integration of microgrid control hardware and softwareyes
Company provides EPC services for microgrid projectsyes
Company provides operations and maintenance of microgridsno
CommentsOnly O&M for automation solution

Scope of control system

Central monitoring and control unit (Hardware)no
Control unit is standalone product or integrated into other device (if latter, which device?)
Other hardware components (e.g. smart meters, sensors, switches, domestic appliances, …)can be connected with standardised communication protocols
Software-Platform for monitoring and control of the microgridyes
Software-Platform is a cloud solution or installed on own server or computer?installed on own server or computer
Software compatible with third party hardware?yes
Hardware compatible with third party software?yes
Monitoring and/or control of microgrid via smartphone app?no
CommentsSystem uses standard 3rd party hardware (servers)

Microgrid layout

Which customers is the product aimed at? (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, community, campus, military, …)utilities, industrial, community, campus, military, remote locations
Focus on offgrid, grid-connected or mobile microgrids?offgrid and grid-connected
How many kilowatts of installed generating power can be integrated? (FROM - TO)up to 500 MW
How many different generators can be integrated?15 different types
AC bus systemyes
DC bus systemno
Hybrid AC and DC bus systemno
Which control strategy is used to run the microgrid? (e.g. central control, master/slave control, distributed control, …)central control
Which components are needed for grid forming in islanding operation? (e.g. battery, diesel generator, …)Any grid forming equipment
Can the system be retrofitted to existing energy system assets?yes
Can the system be expanded modularly after initial commissioning?yes


Supported communication protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP, Sunspec, KNX, Zigbee, …)Modbus TCP , IEC104, DNP and other protocol in energy field
Supported communication interfaces (e.g. RS485, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, analog inputs an outputs, …)RS485 Ethernet
Connectable generators (e.g. solar PV, wind turbines, CHP, diesel generators, fuel cells, hydro power plants, …)PV, wind, diesel, gas, biogas, fuel cells, CHP, CCHP, hydro power plants
Connectable storage systems (e.g. batteries [lead, lithium, redox flow, …], flywheels, heat storage, …)lead/lithium, redox flow BESS, Flywheels , heat storage
Connectable loads (e.g. heat pumps, heating boilers, charging stations for e-mobility, refrigerators, …)All loads that we can communicate with a standardized protocol
What components/brands can be integrated 'plug & play'?All components supporting standardized protocols
What components/brands have to be integrated manually?Components with analog/ digital I/O and proprietary protocols
How are components integrated manually? (e.g. connection boxes, command-line interface, ...)Connection box or protocol adapter
Software-Platform has graphical user interface for integration and configuration of external devices?yes
Software-Platform has graphical user interface for programming energy management options?no
Communication between control system and energy system assets is wired or wireless?both
SCADA integration possible?no
Other options to connect the microgrid to a higher-level distribution grid (e.g. smart meter gateway, CLS-interface, ...)Yes
Can smart home systems be integrated into the microgrid?opt.
Is the data encrypted during data transfer? If so, how?VPN/ certificates
How is the system protected against threats from outside?
How are firmware updates realized?Updates for OS done by customer or device contract
CommentsFully integrated SCADA; BDEW, NERC/CIP conform


Grid conntected operationyes
Islanding operationyes
Automated transition from islanding to grid-connected mode and backyes
Time required for transition from grid-connected to islanded mode (in seconds)max. 180
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)no
Operation is also possible without connection to the internetin grid connected and islanding mode
Operation is also possible without connection to control room of higher-level distribution system operator (DSO)in grid connected and islanding mode
Asset control of distributed energy resourcesyes
Load management defining curtailable loads and priority loadsopt.
Automated dispatch control and optimizationyes
Automated Re-dispatching in response to external orders or unplaned internal eventsyes
Internal voltage and frequency regulation in islanding modeyes
Real time active and reactive power controlyes
Control of power exchange and voltage levels at point of interconnectionyes
Aggregated ramp rate control at point of interconnectionopt.
Phase balancing between different AC phasesno
Black start capabilityyes

Energy management options

Increase in self consumptionyes
Increase of self-sufficiencyyes
Peak Shavingyes
Charging of electric vehiclesyes
Energy management of thermal energy assets? (e.g. heat pumps, thermal storage, ...)yes
Backup poweryes
Zero feed-inyes
Ancillary services for public grid (e.g. frequency regulation, reactive power control, …)Frequency regulation, active/ reactive power control, demand response
Consideration of weather forecastsyes
Consideration of energy load predictionsyes
Consideration of changing energy prices on the energy marketyes
Use of AI or self-lernings algorithmsno
Blockchain based billing and/or pay as you go solutionno
Participation in the energy marketyes

Price indication

Hardware: One-time acquisition costs for central control unit (without VAT) FROM - TO (approx. retail price in Euro)5000 - 10000
Hardware: Monthly maintenance costs for central control unit (without VAT) FROM - TO (approx. retail price in Euro)200 - 400
Hardware: Costs for other necessary system components? (e.g. smart meters, switches, …)project specific; typically 5000 - 10000
Software: One-time acquisition costs (without VAT) FROM - TO (approx. retail price in Euro)50000 - 200000
Software: Monthly maintenance costs (without VAT) FROM - TO (approx. retail price in Euro)500 - 1000
Are there renting or leasing options? If so, what are those options?no
Price information availableyes

Best practice project

Information on reference projects availableyes
Best practice project - ongridAlgonquin College: Optimize campus energy costs through the lowest cost generation mix. Achieve campus-level energy efficiency leveraging existing building automation. Enable advanced Microgrid functionality such as islanding from the grid, and ancillary programs such as demand response Features: Model-based cogeneration optimization based upon real time (hourly) electricity prices (ToU, Tariff), gas contract prices, O&M costs of major generation assets, efficiency curves of major equipment, renewable generation capacity, and controllable and uncontrollable/critical load (electricity & thermal) profile Economic dispatch of generation and chill water assets to meet the campus load, Active load management including load shedding, peak shaving, Islanding, Black start Customer environment: Cogen control system, Generation controls, PV inverters, Battery storage, Electric vehicles charging station and Siemens Apogee building automation system https://new.siemens.com/ca/en/company/topic-areas/ingenuity-for-life/algonquin.html
Best practice project - offgridBlue Lake Rancheria: Demonstrate a low carbon-based microgrid solution for critical community buildings. Install a microgrid that is capable of powering a Red Cross shelter in an emergency. Integrate renewable photovoltaic and biomass power, battery storage, diesel generation and controllable demands into an islandable microgrid Features: Economic dispatch, Load management including load shed, peak shaving, Excess PV curtailment, Islanding, Resynchronization, Black start Customer environment: PV inverters, Building automation system, Back up diesel generator, Tesla battery storage system, Generator ATS, Point of Interconnection circuit breaker, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Weather station (data loggers), Four controllable load groups http://schatzcenter.org/2017/10/blue-lake-rancheria-receives-femas-2017-whole-community-preparedness-award/ https://siemensusa.synapticdigital.com/featured-multimedia-stories/blue-lake-rancheria-native-american-reservation-microgrid-goes-live/s/64bc14d8-b74a-4951-8a5b-9e1f48a07f9b

Data update

Data updateNov 2019

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