26.31%! CHG EnSOL Hits New High on its TOPCon Cell


CHG EnSOL, a subsidiary of Central New Energy Holding Group, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the conversion efficiency of its 182mm N-type monocrystalline silicon cells (TOPCon). The company has successfully attained a full-area cell conversion efficiency of 26.31%, surpassing the previous record of 26.06% set on October 31, 2023. This achievement has been certified by the China National PV Industry Measurement and Testing Center (NPVM), solidifying CHG EnSOL's position as a top-tier player in the photovoltaic cell industry.

Dr. Liu Zhifeng, Vice President of Central New Energy Holding Group and General Manager of CHG EnSOL, emphasized the company's expertise in N-Type PV cells, highlighting the significance of this latest breakthrough. Dr. Liu stated that the cells segment plays a crucial role in driving the advancement of photovoltaic technology and propelling continuous cost reduction and efficiency improvements in the industry.

Furthermore, Dr. Liu emphasized that CHG EnSOL aims to leverage technological innovation as a foundation and prioritize cost reduction and efficiency enhancements. By continuously enhancing core competitiveness through technological upgrades and material improvements, the company aims to progressively improve the mass production efficiency of N-type TOPCon cells. This will enable CHG EnSOL to offer global customers more efficient and competitive products while leading the industry's technological development.

Looking ahead, CHG EnSOL remains committed to driving new energy development with a focus on digital intelligence and low carbon solutions. Through continuous technological innovation, CHG EnSOL aims to contribute to the restructuring of energy industry, foster the growth of the new energy sector, and make significant contributions to global green energy initiatives.