26.5%! A New Record of Mass Production Conversion Efficiency of TOPCon Cell by DAH Solar


Compared to the theoretical limit of 28.7% efficiency, breaking through 26% surely means a lot.

The LECO laser-enhanced contact optimization technology was used to separate the two key steps of metal erosion and contact formation considering its high concentration of energy and controllability during the high-temperature sintering process, in this way the sintering process can be more precisely controlled.

The full integration of the LECO equipment was completed within 7 days, which not only improved efficiency but also effectively reduced the difficulty of Poly back, showing important significance for the long-term competitiveness of TOPCon cells.

DAH Solar TOPCon base completes construction to operation in six months, achieving ramp up production in 23 days, reaching an industry-leading level in three months, and setting a new record for mass production conversion efficiency within 6 months.

As a benchmark enterprise for differentiated competition in the photovoltaic industry, DAH Solar's continuous breakthroughs and iterations in the key technology fields of the industry highlight the company's innovative strength and perseverance to industry leadership, providing a strong driving force for promoting industrial upgrading and sustainable development.