Alfartec Bluesky Simulators rated A+++ by top manufacturer


NIM, the most important institute in China regarding the qualification of module testers has provided us its certification. The results from the new generation of module tester, BlueSky MT240 are very good based on the IEC60904 ed2. The non-uniformity is largely class A+, the LTI is 10 times better than class A+ over 1 second of illumination and, last but not least, its spectrum is largely inside the class A+ specifications. These important results pave the way for the new generation of modules testers.

The Alfartec BlueSky MT240, arrives just in time for the newest technologies of cells like PERC, HIT, HJT. This system can even be used for CiGs and other technologies thanks to our long illumination time and perfect spectrum.

Furthermore, its compact design and user-friendly interface of the BlueSky module tester MT240 are ideal for integration in any production line.

This is an important milestone to prove the accuracy of our technology based on LEDs + halogen and the ability of our Bluesky MT240 to be incorporated in any production line.