A 120 MW PV plant utilizing TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P in Gobi desert connected to grid


The project uses TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P products, which have a structural configuration that significantly reduces BOS costs. Vanguard 2P has been a featured product of TrinaTracker since it was unveiled in 2021. TrinaTracker’s continuing research and development of modules and trackers ensures optimal fitting of ultra-high-power 700W+ modules to maximize power generation efficiency in the new power station.

Work on the project began in October and was completed by December, 2023 and was connected to the grid in January, 2024. Trina Solar’s project engineer, Chen Yujia, said: “TrinaTracker has implemented a full life-cycle quality management system to ensure high-quality management throughout the product process. We have assembled a team of top professionals and are drawing on the benefits of collaboration and supply chain management to promptly meet customer requirements and ensure timely delivery. This once again underscores how quickly TrinaTracker works, something that the customer has lauded.”

Wang Jianfeng, project leader of Longyuan (Dunhuang) New Energy Development Co Ltd, said: “TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P trackers offer high energy gain and reliability, effectively reducing LCOE in the long run. In our work with TrinaTracker its project fulfilment team responded quickly, and its intelligent supply chain system met the requirements for fast commissioning. We look forward to again working with TrinaTracker.”

Green PV technology is powering the future. TrinaTracker will continue to help optimize the energy mix and make a greater contribution to achieving China’s dual-carbon goals.