AE Solar steps forward to support the solar industry and becomes the founding partner of the world’s first e-marketplace Solar & Storage DigiCon


The Solar & Storage DigiCon is the first virtual environment of its kind dedicated to the global solar and energy storage industry and aims to connect stakeholders around the world on a 24/7 basis and to promote an accelerated exchange of knowledge. It serves as an integrated platform that enables companies to present their products, services and innovations, generate new leads and proactively maintain customer engagements by serving as an information repository and communication channel to connect with target audiences.

AE Solar as a founding partner of this vitally important platform will be presented at the booth together with Green Energy Venture, an advisory and services firm, that operates along the value chain of renewable energies since 2006 and KACO new energy, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inverters for grid-feed solar power.

Since 1999, KACO new energy has supplied inverters with a cumulative power output of 13 gigawatts. In addition to grid-tied string inverters, the product range also includes hybrid and battery inverters for energy storage. The companies are thus announcing the big kick-off for future cooperation in marketing and sales worldwide. The virtual booth will showcase all meaningful information and offer online representatives of the companies for interaction around the clock.

The virtual environment of Digicon will be similar to the exhibition venues. An integrated online platform will enable companies to present their products, services and innovations, generate new leads and proactively maintain customer engagements.

During the Digicon different activities/services will take place:
✔️ Webinars/Webcasts
✔️ E-conferences ✔️
Virtual Booths
✔️ Exhibition Halls
✔️ Virtual Auditorium
✔️ Networking Area
✔️ Resource Centre

“What the pandemic has taught us is that we need to keep stepping forward, smartly and quickly adapt on the unusual circumstances. Fortunately, the modern technology gives us the possibility for streaming, VR and online collaboration, therefore, by those sources, we can overcome the situation and it will accelerate the use of these technologies as enhancements and added value to online trade shows. This is our very first experience and a small contribution to support the whole solar industry. As our slogan says – it’s time to save the world!” – Alexander Maier, AE Solar CEO.