AE Solar to open 1 GW factory in Turkey in 2021


AE Solar’s Eclipse series of solar panels are optimized for residential deployment for elegant living. Delivering outstanding performance and profitability, this series is aesthetically charming and exquisite. The panels are slick black, which is an excellent rooftop choice for the families who underline their classy, elegant and sophisticated sense of style in their living environment. No doubt the color symbolizes – power, wealth, health, prosperity, and wisdom. Bringing on the European market high power and highly aesthetically-pleasing PV panels, AE Solar’s Eclipse series modules maximize system power and performance. “The ultra-black series of Eclipse is the latest evolution in our industry-leading aesthetically and efficiency roadmap,” mentions Maier. “Most of our customers from Europe want their roof to look chic, classy and sharp. That’s why we have decided to produce massively the new Eclipse series, which corresponds to our premium customer needs.”

Further, AE Solar has formed a strong partnership with Vietnam, and since September 2020 till now, sold up to 511MW in the country. The company has accomplished this through a relentless commitment to quality, a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence, and an in-depth understanding of the right to the point direction. This feat also showcases the ability AE Solar possess for the proper execution of evaluating, monitoring while maintaining its primary goal—to save the world—this time, by the most elegant way.

To further broaden its field of operation in the renewable and especially photovoltaics, which is a very competitive industry, AE Solar will be opening another factory in Kayseri, Turkey, at the end of April 2021. The capacity of a new facility will exceed 1 GW at the end of the year. With Georgian factory (500 MW), it will be the biggest solar modules manufacturing outside of China with a total of 1.5 GW capacity. A new factory allows AE Solar to broaden its distributorship network and presence. The company will continue its expansion drive with Turkey and the U.S. as well as Europe, South America, the Middle East and North Africa.

AE Solar’s new factory will produce Solar Modules with 166 mm, 182 mm and 210 mm solar cells and will be fully automated to produce 5 BB to 12 BB panels. Further, Maier has played a significant role in building lasting relationships with both privately held and publicly traded companies across the globe. His integrity, global values and commitment to innovation directly translate to the projects where AE Solar engages.