Aircraft engineering for flat roofs: Conergy's new rack solution


The Hamburg solar company Conergy will present its new mounting systems for industrial flat roofs, the Conergy SolarFamulus Air, at Intersolar for the first time. Developed by an aircraft construction engineer the lightweight mounting system benefits from optimum aerodynamics and minimum roof load: the principle is similar to that of the spoiler on a racing car, as the baffles help to significantly reduce vertical, lifting stresses caused by wind. This means that the SolarFamulus Air's aerodynamic shape together with its own weight and the use of minimal additional ballasting hold it in place on the roof – without any roof penetration. This makes it ideal for foil roofs or lightweight roofs.

Potential: there are more than 7 million square metres of flat roofs in Germany

"Many years of experience have been put into developing this lightly ballasted system that requires no roof penetration", says Conergy Product Manager Eike Frühbrodt. "And the SolarFamulus Air has huge potential: The majority of industrial flat roofs today are lightweight roofs that are only designed to support small loads – in Germany alone it is estimated that there are over 7 million square metres of flat roofs in commercial use."

Four components, four step module installation, one tool

The Conergy SolarFamulus Air can be used not only on very thin roofs that cannot bear heavy loads but the installer also has the benefit of a high degree of flexibility and fast installation due to the small number of components. Only one tool is required to install the four individual components – and only four simple steps are required to attach the modules. The system offers three different possibilities for attaching the modules – with the Conergy PowerPlus module the installer only needs a small number of module holders as it is now possible to use corner clamping. This saves the installer material costs and time and the customer saves money.

Perfect ventilation for higher performance

In contrast to other flat roof systems available on the market the developers of the Conergy SolarFamulus Air have opted for an open construction. There are no closed "boxes" under the solar modules. In this way the wind can cool both the upper and under surfaces of the modules and the user is guaranteed maximum performance even at high temperatures.

Flat pitch for maximum use of the roof surface and high stability

The individual high quality components that have all been tested in a wind tunnel are built together to form a unified system: frame components are attached to the fixing rails and the wind baffles to create maximum stability. This helps to give a flat pitch of 15°. This not only reduces wind load and the need for additional ballasting but also reduces shadowing on the flat roof. This allows the installer to mount the rows of modules a short distance apart and so maximise roof surface utilisation.

Conergy will present the SolarFamulus Air for the first time at Intersolar in Munich from 8 – 10 June 2011. This new carefully thought-out lightweight system will then be available on the German market in the third quarter of 2011.