Akcome Lands InterSolar Europe with N-type Panels


InterSolar Europe 2023 was held in Munich New International Expo Center since June 14 to 16. Akcome presented N-type high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and a variety of mounting system solutions at booth A1-320, which received a lot of attention from professional guests and industry insiders.

Akcome booth on InterSolar Europe 2023, Munich, Germany

On the show, Akcome exhibited its N-type product series consisting of AK iPower 7.0 series and AK iTopper 4.0/5.0 series to meet comprehensive needs of global customers for all scenarios from utility-scale power plants to residential and C&I power plants. Akcome's 720W heterojunction module is the best choice for utility-scale power plants, which is based on 66 pieces of 210mm large size silicon wafers, attached with SMBB, microcrystalline and other leading technologies, with an efficiency of 23.2% and power output of exceeding 720W. Compared with conventional PERC modules, it can reduce the LCOE by 3% and increase IRR by 9.6%, which significantly improves customer value.

AK iPower 720 W Panel

In addition to high-efficiency heterojunction modules, Akcome also exhibited 182-54 (430W) and 182-72 type (580W) TOPCon modules. These two panels, with characteristics of high power output and high efficiency, greatly meet the requirements of global customers for high power generation performance and architectural appearance, and are widely favored by visiting customers, and a number of cooperation intentions were signed on site.

As one of the first China PV companies to develop and take action of mass-production of HJT cells and modules, Akcome started to invest in heterojunction module production line as early as 2018 and takes a leading position in the N-type track.

Akcome has developed several manufacturing bases in China and plans to achieve a production capacity of more than 40 GW of high-efficiency PV modules within five years. In 2022, the company has a global module shipment of about 3.5 GW, of which HJT module shipment to Europe was around 250 MW.  Akcome has achieved mass production efficiency of HJT cell to 25.3%, and HJT panel in mass production reached as high as 23.2%. In general, Akcome takes the lead on HJT field with production capacity, mass production efficiency, and panel shipment achieved.

In 2022, Akcome's overseas panel shipments reached 1GW, and in the first quarter of 2023, the overseas shipments of Akcome's panels accounted for more than 30% of the total. As a long-term partner of Europe, Akcome has sales cooperation in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Poland and many other countries.

“As a BNEF Tier1 PV module manufacturer, Akcome provides impressive PV panels with leading technologies and satisfied global service capability to meet growing market needs in Europe,” said Bruce Zhang (COO of Akcome Technology). “In 2023, Akcome will continue to expand its overseas sales business with focusing on Germany, France, and Spain, and we will expand to other fast-growing EU markets such as the Netherlands and Poland. We are happy to provide European customers with high-efficiency PV panels and high-quality services.” Bruce added.