AlphaESS Unveils Safe and Reliable Energy Storage Solutions at K.EY Exhibition in Italy


AlphaESS is thrilled to take part in K.EY – The Energy Transition Expo in Rimini, Italy from March 22nd to 24th, 2023. As a premier event in the energy sector, K.EY provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their latest innovations to a global audience. AlphaESS leverages this platform to unveil its latest energy storage solutions, highlighting SMILE-G3 and STORION-H30 which address the growing concerns of energy security in the European market for both residential and commercial use.

Your Partner in Energy Security — Future-Proof Your Home & Business with AlphaESS

As instability in the global political and economic climate increases concerns regarding energy security, there has been a significant rise in demand for energy storage solutions in the European market. Italy has become a critical component of the strategic layout of AlphaESS and one of its priority markets this year. With over 20,000 visitors and more than 400 exhibitors worldwide expected to attend the K.EY exhibition, it presents an exceptional opportunity for AlphaESS to demonstrate its latest innovations and achievements.

The systems on display can be connected to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), among which SMILE-G3 (5kW) and STORION-H30 (30kW) also support off-grid operation, enabling customers to save on electricity bills and attain energy independence from the traditional power grid.

Safe, Reliable and Scalable: SMILE & STORION Series Await Your Investment

At the exhibition, AlphaESS is displaying all of its bestselling systems including SMILE-G3 (5kW), SMILE 5 (5kW), SMILE-T10-HV (10kW), and STORION-H30 (30kW). These systems use LiFePO4-only batteries to provide safe and reliable energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use.

The AlphaESS SMILE-G3 features 200% PV input power, with a Grid-Forming function ensuring safer operation during power outages. The SMILE 5 boasts a modular design that supports multiple battery options and is compatible with DC/AC/hybrid-coupling connections. The SMILE-T10-HV provides a three-phase output and allows for the connection of more PV panels, while the STORION-H30 container offers higher power output and an advanced air-cooling system specifically programmed to meet the demands of small businesses.

Building on the success of last year’s exhibition, AlphaESS is proud to be part of the new K.EY and looks forward to engaging with all the industry leaders, influencers and stakeholders to discuss the future of renewable energy.