Anker Solix X1 Receives North American Safety Certifications From CSA Group


These certifications – UL 9540, UL 9540A, UL 1741, and UL 1973 – demonstrate the Anker SOLIX X1’s compliance with rigorous North American safety standards for energy storage systems.

Meeting the Top Safety Standards

CSA Group’s certifications are widely recognized in North America, signifying a product’s adherence to stringent safety protocols. The CSA certifications include:

• UL 9540 focuses on safe installation, operation, and integration with buildings and power systems. It requires a comprehensive safety review including fire protection, electrical safety, and environmental considerations. UL 9540 is a globally recognized standard for energy storage systems.

• UL 9540A dives deeper into the specific safety of the battery modules, packs, and overall system, examining performance under normal and emergency conditions. This includes thermal management, electrical safety, and chemical safety. UL 9540A also factors in how the system responds to battery failure scenarios like thermal runaway.

• UL 1973 puts the battery through its paces with a range of tests, including simulating extreme temperatures, overcharging, and over-discharging to ensure safe operation in various environments.

• UL 1741 examines the safety and performance of the inverters, converters, and controllers that manage power flow within the system. This standard is relevant for integrating the Anker SOLIX X1 with solar photovoltaic systems.

A Legacy of Safety and Quality

Anker's commitment to safety goes beyond certifications. The company enforces strict quality standards throughout the production process, from meticulous battery cell selection to rigorous system development and manufacturing. This comprehensive approach helps ensure the utmost reliability and safety for users worldwide.

Building a Sustainable Future

With the growing importance of energy storage in a sustainable energy landscape, Anker remains committed to continuous improvement. Our focus on quality and safety continues to pave the way for reliable energy solutions that empower our customers.