Archelios Pro PV Software integrates data from K2 Base Software


Archelios Pro is used to size any type of solar project from a few kWp to several tens of MWp, on a roof, in a shade or on the ground. Developed by Cythelia Energy – Trace Software’s solar subsidiary – archelios Pro enables the automatic import of PV projects carried out in the K2 Base PV application designed by K2 System, a major player in the manufacture of mounting systems for photovoltaic installations.

K2 Base enables fast and easy planning of the appropriate mounting system in only five steps. The free software has the K2+ interface, which combines and simplifies the mechanical and electrical planning of PV systems. Once the mounting system has been designed, the user transfers all project data to the other software with a single click.

With the automatic export to archelios Pro, the user retrieves all the geometrical, mechanical, and module parameters of the project, and then to continue with the electrical design and production simulation, in just a few clicks.

How does it work?

  • In K2 Base, the user maps his project with the parameters corresponding exactly to the mounting system. The design is carried out in 2D ½ (2D plans with elevations). The calculation of possible ballast weights can be operated and the list of equipment required for the assembly of the PV installation is generated.
  • In archelios Pro, the project is automatically localized and the 2D plans ½ and PV modules are imported in 3D. The user can go ahead with the design: inverter sizing, wiring, technical-economic simulation, editing of plans, and reports.

Thanks to this collaboration, the designers benefit from the recognized expertise of K2 Systems in the world of photovoltaics, and the unmatched performance of archelios™ Pro for the sizing and yield forecast of solar installations.