ARTsolar gains approval for authorised manufacturing facility for Honeywell Solar Panels


ARTsolar recently gained authorisation for its manufacturing facility located New Germany, Pinetown, South Africa, to manufacture Solar PV Modules under the Honeywell brand to help meet global demands. One World Communications (Pty) Ltd, an authorised licensee of Honeywell, selected ARTsolar as the exclusive manufacturer of the solar modules based on its technical expertise and industry experience as a Solar PV manufacturer.


As part of the collaboration, the companies will jointly create greater business value and opportunities by producing high-efficiency, large-format PV modules locally in South Africa.


ARTsolar commemorated the official launch of its 325MW manufacturing facility in October 2022, which is fully capable of laminating, framing and testing Solar PV modules and is equipped to supply into the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Programmes such as the RMIPPP and the REIPPP.



ARTsolar’s upgrades to the facility will allow it to be competitive as a dynamic Local PV Manufacturer with the ability to produce industry-leading PV modules using cells ranging from M6 to M12 well into the future. The technical specifications of the new equipment supports PERC (“Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact”), Bi-Facial, N-Type and HJT (Heterojunction) cells, in full cells, half cut, tri-cut and quarter-cut arrangement while laminates can be produced using standard back sheet, Glass-foil, and Glass-Glass technology.


“The renewed interest in the local PV manufacturing industry has provided a long-awaited hope for the renewable energy sector and local manufacturing as a whole. We have been awaiting such commitment for the past 12 years and held strong to the belief that this sector will receive the impetus and support of Government. With such continued support we anticipate implementing a second 500MW capacity line in the near future,” said Eshu Seevnarayan – ARTsolar’s Chairman.


ARTsolar has invested significantly in technical training and skills development in close association with multiple tertiary institutions. Notably, this has allowed ARTsolar to remain one of Africa’s only locally owned Solar PV manufacturers. These upgrades, expansions and training demonstrate the long-term commitment of the parties to localisation and the creation of local jobs and skills development.


“We have constantly endeavoured to positively impact South Africa by providing locally produced, world-class products to mitigate the energy crisis which is stifling socio-economic growth. This facility has further directly contributed to significant employment opportunities both within ARTsolar and the value chain accordingly,” says ARTsolar’s Group Chairman Mr Eshu Seevnarayan.


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ARTsolar was founded in Durban in 2010 by entrepreneurs Mr. Eshu Seevnarayan, Mr. Patrick Goss, and Mr. Nhlanhla Zondo who remain primary shareholders of the 100% South African-owned company. With more than 13 years’ experience, ARTsolar has built robust competence and has sustained its growth as a dependable, cost-effective, and comprehensive South African Solar PV module manufacturer.