Asia: Three new service centers for Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum


On June 15, the service center in Hsin Chu, Taiwan will open its doors. It has been established in order to enhance the performance range within the product lines SCREWLINE and DURADRY, and will thus offer all the servicing capabilities and options for the full line of fore vacuum, high vacuum and leak detection services, topped with a new decontamination plant.

Shortly afterwards, on July 1, the newly erected service center in Kulim, Malaysia will celebrate its opening. This center will satisfy the increasing local demand for vacuum technology services, especially those from the dynamic markets of photovoltaic production. Using its own premises, all after sales services and performances from decontamination to maintenance, and repair of Leybold products, can be offered. This entails well known products such as the dry screw-type pumps SCREWLINE, the Roots pumps RUVAC, rotary vane pumps TRIVAC and SOGEVAC, as well as the leak detector PHOENIX.

Also in Tianjin, China new after sales services will be offered. The service department will move into a building of its own on the premises of the Tianjin production site as of August this year. In the future, the complete product lines for fore vacuum pumps and leak detection will be serviced locally, including the SCREWLINE and DURADRY range of pumps. Also here, a new decontamination plant was added to the portfolio.

“Of course, this extension of service capacities is based on a know-how transfer. The local staff must have the knowledge and capacities to deal with all arising customer demands. All staff members have been trained in depth at the headquarters of Leybold Vacuum in Cologne, Germany, in order to ensure the same quality,” explains Detlef Buxmann, head of the Service Competence Center Cologne. “This is an important step to bring customer satisfaction to new level. For us in Germany, these new service centers in Asia represent a clear reduction in complexity and facilitates logistics and administration, contributing to a higher degree of performance for the local customers.”

The new service centres will be able to fulfil the dynamic and fast growing demands in Asia, especially those of the photovoltaic markets. In connection with various service options such as customized servicing contracts, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum delivers an important contribution towards production security and safety for the customer.