ATW Breakthroughs at SOLAREX ISTANBUL 2024 and the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo


From April 4th to 6th, ATW made its mark at SOLAREX ISTANBUL 2024, the esteemed international solar PV exhibition in Istanbul. Amidst the vibrant display of cutting-edge solar technologies, ATW unveiled its comprehensive array of PV intelligent equipment, including the Monocrystal Growth Furnace, Wafer Inspection System, PV Cell Screen Printing Line, MBB PV Cell Soldering Stringer, Laminator, etc. The products serve the four major sectors of PV industry chain: Rod, Wafer, Cell and Module, capturing the attention of industry leaders and experts.

On the evening of April 4th, ATW hosted a product launch event at the Crown Hotel, welcoming over a hundred professionals and clients from around the world. The event showcased ATW's complete range of solar PV and energy storage products, along with intelligent manufacturing solutions. Attendees engaged in lively discussions on solar PV manufacturing, exchanging valuable insights and experiences.

Pioneering Solutions for Energy Storage in Beijing

Following its success in Turkey, ATW Intelligent (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATW) continued its momentum at the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo in Beijing from April 11th to 13th. Under the theme of the expo “Developing New Quality Productivity for Energy Storage, Creating a New Pattern of Energy Transformation,” ATW Intelligent showcased its latest innovations in energy storage module/PACK/container production lines. By integrating advanced technology and smart manufacturing solutions, ATW Intelligent demonstrated its commitment to driving the energy storage industry forward.

Sustainable Impact, Forging Partnerships for a Greener Tomorrow

ATW's presence at both exhibitions underscores its solutions of intelligence integration and sustainable impact across the solar PV and energy storage sectors. With a focus on high precision, capacity, stability, and compatibility, ATW's intelligent equipment solutions are revolutionizing the way solar and energy storage systems are manufactured and deployed worldwide.

Through its participation in these prestigious events, ATW reaffirms its commitment to empowering the world with renewable energy solutions that make a meaningful difference. As ATW continues to forge partnerships and foster collaborations with industry stakeholders, it remains at the forefront of innovation, driving the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.