Building a white label monitoring portal for Steca by Katek in 3 months


Just recently Katek announced expanding its solar PV department to increase its offering of Steca hybrid inverters reacting to the growing demand. Part of the development is a simple yet individualized white label monitoring portal built and powered by Solytic.

The partnership between the OEM and Solytic became hard-coded with Steca’s effort to digitize the performance of their hardware to make the hybrid power model as effective as possible. Solytic has been part of Steca’s data journey since 2017, and eventually provided a state-of-the-art white label monitoring platform with individual features, a matched corporate design, and a solution to scale efficiently.

“We needed a portal to help us meet the needs of our customers fast. They expected monitoring services they can easily adjust to their own preferences and check on their mobile at any time. We’ve come from a hardware background, which is a bit different than implementing data-based hybrid systems.” stated Stefan Oswald, the responsible Product Manager at Katek Memmingen.

Rebuilding a new system from scratch in-house would have not been a choice due to Steca’s focus on their core business, which is hardware. After a tender, Solytic got the job to build the new customer portal. Three months later, Solytic had developed an up-and-running white label monitoring solution for all existing customers.

The takeaway? Each cutting-edge solar PV system needs software at its heart. Let your customers fall in love with a brand new monitoring interface. White label solutions are a fast and resource-efficient way to achieve that.

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