Cadmium-free buffer layer production


Leybold Optics from Germany will be presenting its new combination evaporation and sputtering system and demonstrating its use in the field of thin-film technology, at booth A6.230 at this year's Intersolar Europe.

This is the first time that two fully distinct coating technologies have been employed together in the same vacuum coating system. In doing so, Leybold Optics has developed yet another machine that can be employed in the production of CIGS solar modules, particularly in areas where production demands cadmium-free processes.

The combined system is based on the standard platform of a vertical vacuum coating machine. Leybold Optics is the only supplier to offer a coating system able to produce a buffer layer without the need for a wet-chemical process involving cadmium. Production takes place inside the vacuum system using a combination of evaporation and RF/AC sputtering, in a contaminant-free, environmentally friendly process environment.

No more need to invest in the complex, wet-chemical process or to finance the cost of treating contaminated water. Thanks to the innovative, state-of-the-art mechanical engineering of Leybold Optics, thin-film production systems, which can be configured for virtually all CIGS processes, are not only powerful and extremely cost-efficient, but also satisfy the stringent demands of both markets and production facilities for maximum quality and environmentally friendly processes.

As a long-established company, Leybold Optics is one of the few internationally recognised suppliers of vacuum equipment. Since 2005, Leybold Optics has been developing and producing vacuum systems specifically for the photovoltaics industry as well as coating machines for architectural glass, display screens and large surfaces.

By specialising in such fields as RF (radio frequency) and AC (medium frequency) sputtering, PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition), plasma-assisted evaporation, machine automation, and software and solution development, Leybold Optics once again demonstrates its great innovative strength. According to experts at the Swiss Bank Sarasin, the output of photovoltaic systems will continue to grow worldwide by approximately 18 percent per year until 2015. Thin-film technologies in particular will grow by an average of 32 percent per year until 2013 (1).

At the same time, the demand is increasing for high-end solutions capable of providing high quality and rising productivity while reducing costs. The team from Leybold Optics will be on hand during the entire show and available for information and specialist meetings concerning innovative products and solutions for all current standard thin-film systems (a-Si/?c-Si, CIGS, CIGS-Flex, and CdTe).

The leading international trade show for the solar industry, Intersolar Europe, will take place on June 13-15, 2012 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. More than 2,200 exhibitors will be awaiting over 80,000 visitors from all over the world, across an area of 170,000 square metres. Visit Leybold Optics Intersolar Europe, Munich Trade Fair Centre Wednesday to Friday, June 13-15, 2012, booth: A6.230

Contacts and sales team of the Leybold Optics Glass & Solar Division: Dr. Bontscho Bontschew Jörg Hahn.