CATL is expanding and strengthening its presence in the Middle East and Israel’s Energy Storage market by signing a 4 GWH long-term supply agreement signifying a long-term relationship with a leading Israeli integrator BLEnergy!


Nicholas Chen, Vice President Emerging Markets, CATL: “We are excited to expand the successful cooperation between the parties from Israel to Europe and represents a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing energy storage solutions.”

Asaf Wassercug, BLEnergy CEO: This strategic collaboration will enable us to drive the most innovative storage technology in the world, accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable energy systems. It will strength our dominance in the Israeli market and allow us to bring our top-quality full BESS solution and services to the fast-growing storage markets all across Europe”.

The agreement is a continuation of the strategic relationship between the companies, aiming to secure significant market share in the growing Israeli energy-storage market, especially towards the existing Israeli regulator HV tender with approximately 5GWh of utility storage, following 1 GWh of signed contracts in Israel, including the connection and operation of the first utility scale PV + BESS project in Israel at the end of 2022.

BLEnergy is a part of Blilious group, founded and growing since 1964 with financial strength and over 2,500 employees, in large infrastructure service operations, focusing on public transportation including Public transportation, energy market, busses and private EV-Cars importation (using CATL batteries) and various O&M services national wide.

BLEnergy, who is the strategic partner of CATL and System Integrator of this first utility scale PV+BESS project commissioned in Israel, a pioneer in the Israeli BESS market, is a prominent BESS Integrator and energy company gaining momentum in Israel and the regional markets, providing a full BESS solution, including fill O&M services and warranties up to 20 years. The company has track record in different BESS segments, including co-location, stand-alone, C&I and more.

Israel has set a 30% renewable energy goal for 2030, as well as a gradual shift to a decentralized power generation and liberalization of the private energy distribution market. Storage is expected to play a key role in achieving the national milestones and goals, expected to reach up to 20 GWh by 2030. With the first facility of the many more which are in either installation stages or awaiting commissioning that have been connected to the Israeli grid with CATL Enerone systems, BLenrgy and CATL will continue to propose the most advance Energy Storage technology in the global market, including adopting CATL new technology and products in the future projects, such as EnerC Plus, EnerX and the coming Tener with five years Zero Degradation enclosure.

The first utility scale PV+storage project in Israel, “Holit”, (5.5 MW solar field and 11.2 MWh of energy storage) has been connected to the electricity grid in the presence of the General Director of the Ministry of Energy and the head of the Electricity Authority already in December 2022 for the Israeli developer Doral Renewables. Since then, more than 200 MWh of BESS projects have been contacted to the grid by BLEnergy, using CATL tier 1 products. On May 7th, Doral also launched the first Agro PV + Storage project in Israel, with CATL integrated projects.

BLEnergy has many more projects on hand, which are currently in deployment, execution, and operation. As of today, the company expects to complete this year more than 650MWh of installations and hold 1.5GWh of new contracts, including PV+Storage, Stand-alone and behind the meter (C&I).