Chinese solar cell and panel manufacturers market survey – continuous

ENF Chinese Cell and Panel Manufacturers Continuous Report is worthy of your trust in the selections as an information tracking source. We have collected data on the capacity, production, equipment and raw materials of each company for your use to understand your customers or suppliers.

ENF has been collecting information on the photovoltaic industry for over 7 years from suppliers, manufacturers and customers. Our strong relationships with companies throughout the photovoltaic value chain allows us to not only collect detailed information, but it also allows us to cross reference it with other members in the value chain, ensuring our customers have the most current and reliable information.

Continually updated key-contact details allow equipment and material suppliers to get directly through to the key managers they seek, saving a lot of time in finding their potential customers and expanding their business.

Continuous updates on capacity and production forecasts provide detailed plans of your customers, allowing you to quickly spot their expansion plans and new purchasing needs.

Continuous updates of equipment and material brands in use show the market share of various suppliers. By knowing the brands in current use by a potential customer, you can show these customers your specific advantages over their existing suppliers – and can also use the data to track your market share over time.

The advantage of an ENF report over competing market research reports is that ENF reports cover every market player, instead of simply collecting samples of some big companies. All this production information is verified by face to face visits or telephone interviews with CEOs, sales managers and purchasing managers. In addition we double check our information by performing comprehensive cross checks with third party sources, such as equipment manufacturers and material suppliers.

The data is provided in Excel format, showing in three ways: alphabetical order, ranking by production and individual profiles covering all information about each company.

Key Features of this ENF report:

– Rigorous data collection

– Over 63,000 pieces of individual data have been collected.

– 12 monthly updates will be provided going forward.

– Improved Clarity

– Excel database is viewable as: "Alphabetical order" + "Ranking by production" + "Individual profile".

– Complete Coverage

– Nearly every cell and panel companies in China has been contacted and profiled.

– Every part of information related to production of each company has been collected.

The information we are delivering can be used by:

Marketing and strategy managers who need clear information regarding the market.

Sales staff from supplying companies such as equipment and material manufacturers.

Purchasing people from cell and panel manufactures.

System integrators, installers, distributors, power companies who need to contact suppliers.

The report pack contains:

"Chinese cell and panel yearly market trend analysis" updated twice a year in PDF (Latest version: July 2012)

"Individual Chinese cell and panel manufacturer detailed profiles" updated monthly in Excel (Latest version: Current month, 2012)–-Continuous.html#utm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=Solar_Photovoltaic