Clenergy launches new ground-mount system PV-ezRack STMAC


Clenergy has officially launched a new ground-mount system. PV-ezRackSolarTerraceMAC is a newly developed ground-mounted system designed for large scale solar plants worldwide. Its main components are made of PosMAC – the POSCO magnesium aluminum alloy coating product

PosMAC is a ternary alloy coated steel (Zn- 3%Mg- 2.5%Al) with high corrosion resistance developed with POSCO’s technology. Compared with the traditional hot-dip galvanized steel mounting structure, POSMAC mounting structures feature far stronger corrosion resistance and self-healing performance and eliminate the need for regular maintenance. Another great feature of POSMAC is its elegant surface, eliminating concern for such quality issues as uneven zinc coating, zinc slag or uncoated areas.

Below we consider the advantages of PV-ezRackSolarTerraceMAC.

1.Better product performance
PosMAC shows much stronger corrosion resistance when compared with GI on flat, bending, cup and cross-section parts. In comparison with galvalume, PosMAC displays superior corrosion resistance at cross-sections. Additionally, PosMAC displays better performance in terms of the hardness of the coating layer, friction and chemical resistance.

2. Superior corrosion resistance
PV-ezRack POSMAC features excellent corrosion resistance which can be attributed to the protection offered by Simonkolleite (Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O) and its seal-healing performance. Simonkolleite (Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O) is a dense and stable corrosion product in a film-like form produced on the surface of the coating layer which protects the base metal against corrosion. Although the cross-section will experience corrosion in early stages, it will be covered by a film of Simonkolleite (Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O), which serves to protect it against further corrosion.

Flat surfaces (SST)
Based on the salt spray test (SST) carried out on flat surfaces, PosMAC shows far stronger corrosion resistance in comparison with GI(H). When compared to Galvalume, PosMAC displays either equal or greater corrosion resistance.

Level of Corrosion Resistance on Flat Surfaces (SST): PosMAC>Galvalume> GI(H)

Flat surfaces (CCT)
According to the cyclic corrosion test (CCT) performed on flat surfaces, PosMAC displays much stronger corrosion resistance when compared with GI(H). In comparison with Galvalume, PosMAC demonstrates either equal or greater corrosion resistance.

Level of Corrosion Resistance on Flat Surfaces (CCT): PosMAC>Galvalume> GI(H)

3.Longer service life
Both PosMac and GI(H) can provide protection against corrosion. As per the CCT, PosMac performs better in corrosion resistance when compared to GI(H), whose corrosion process starts at a much earlier period. PosMac can be expected to provide a much longer service life when compared to GI(H), sustaining at least 50 years and 25 years, respectively.

As a global leading solar mounting system manufacturer and supplier, Clenergy is equipped with various cutting-edge devices. This allows it to monitor the complete production process, ranging from the selection of raw materials to the inspection of finished products. At present, Clenergy has so far acquired the certification of ISO9000, ISO14000, MCS BBA, TÜV, SGS, Intertek, SAA etc.

PV-ezRackSolarTerraceMAC is manufactured in strict compliance with internationally accredited standards including GB50797, AS NZS1170.2-2011, EN1991, ASCE 7-10 etc. Clenergy can manufacture customized systems according to different requirements as specified. Its products can also be subjected to stringent testing by designated third-parties if required.