Convert Italia is back to Intersolar-Munich again


As for many years now, Convert Italia Spa is back to Munich to surprise: always committed to combine excellence and trustability the company also this year will present many new features in the ultra-tech and ultra-experimental emotional stand at Intersolar Monaco (A4.250) even more because this year Convert is ready to highlight and toe the fourth place in the Global Market Shares ranking (2016 Global PV Tracker Market Shares of GTM Research ), as reached due to our premiership in the world ranking of monoaxial Tracker producers: first in Latin America, first in Brazil with Convert do Brasil Energia Renovavel Ltda, first in Europe, third in sub-Saharan Africa and fourth in India.
But success is volatile and Convert is permanently working hard to bring new technological solutions to the market aimed to increase performance, security, simplicity and, last but not least, significant cost reduction.
A new perception of technology will be introduced this year by Convert, in a very exciting environment where new solutions are made easy to understand and whose advantage will change the paradigm of user of the next months:

• A proprietary Wi-Fi system receives data from the field by communicating up to six miles away in safety and high speed transmission.
• A revolutionary Self Power system that doesn't require actuator power cables from the cabs to the control board and moves the motors to grant safe positioning of the system and if you are thinking about batteries, forget it since we don't need them and customer will not be required to take care of how critical environmental conditions would result into a poor durability of that component as well as difficulty to predict the availability at need unless a very expensive O & M activity not to tell about costs. In addition this system distributes anywhere along the photovoltaic field access to 230Vac voltage for services, cameras, alarms etc. without carrying cables as well as portable generators for the use of maintenance tools in field.
• Designing Weaethering steels structure involving in a reduction of the entire Tracker costs, between 15% and 20% as result of an important research and development project conducted together with a famous Brazilian steel mill expert in this product, a Roman university and an important international player in the field of energy. Very important at the base of this technology, the study of the climatic and environmental and ground characteristic to have solutions that can increase reliability and performance for thirty years of service.

This is the way Convert Italia is leader in innovation and simplicity: doing new things not just evolving those already existing and not accepting to do things merely the way others are doing and that because Convert's tracker existing since earlier than the market existed itself and based on what the company may focus to speed up installation and robustness because its experience dated since 2007, and since than plants are perfectly and proven working in 5 continents.