Cooper Bussmann increases voltage rating of solar PV fuse links


To provide Photovoltaic system OEMs greater flexibility in protecting higher power PV strings, Cooper Bussmann, the leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety, has up-rated its 20A Solar PV fuse to 1000Vdc. Previously, the 20 amp version was only rated up to 900Vdc. The new 1000Vdc 20 amp rating now completes the entire 1 to 20 amp range of Cooper Bussmann 1000Vdc PV fuse links so they all meet the IEC 60269-6 standard requirements.

Ben Rooke, product manager, commented: “The use of higher voltages, particularly up to 1000Vdc, is becoming the global norm. This in turn puts pressure on PV systems OEMs to source and install overcurrent protection solutions that are capable of meeting their requirements and are able to be easily packaged. By up-rating the 20A version to 1000Vdc, the entire 10×38 Solar PV fuse link line can deliver on both counts with protection performance and packaging.”

The 10×38 Solar PV fuse package also addresses the OEM’s need for space savings in combiner boxes to minimise the footprint and improve overall aesthetic appearance. With low power dissipation these fuse links improve efficiency and reduce heat generation while the globally accepted 10×38 package size offers more mounting options with standard ferrule, bolt and versatile PCB mount versions. Now PV system manufacturers can source from one supplier the 1000Vdc overcurrent protection they need in the popular size and ratings being demanded.

The Cooper Bussmann Solar PV fuse range offers class-leading performance, clearing faults as low as 1.35 x In at 1000Vdc and is suitable for industry standard dimensioned panels. They have been tested to withstand the typical cycling conditions specific to solar panel operation and environmental stresses associated with system location to deliver optimum overcurrent protection throughout any installed system’s lifetime.