Creating & Sharing Epoch N, Yingli Solar back to the throne at SNEC


PV Leader and Creator of New Epoch of N-type

At 9 a.m., the opening ceremony was officially held at the entrance of Hall 3 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Yin Xulong, Chairman of the Board of Yingli Solar was invited to cut the ribbon on the opening ceremony. Together with other leading enterprises in the PV industry, Mr. Yin has witnessed the official opening of the grand event.

At the 16th Global Advanced PV Technology Conference Plenary held later, Dr. Vincent Yu, Director of National Technology Standard Innovation Base of Photovoltaic and Vice President of Yingli Solar, delivered a keynote speech titled “Yingli PANDA: The new generation of TOPCon high-efficiency technology supports the high-quality development of industrialization”, in which he shared Yingli Solar's R&D results, industrial base and application experience in N-type technology.

As a pioneer of N-type technology, Yingli Solar is the first company that started the independent research and development of N-type technology in 2009, which is named “PANDA” technology. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Yingli Solar took the lead in completing the project “Key Technology Research and Production Line Demonstration of the Industrialization of High-Efficiency Homojunction N-type Monocrystalline Silicon Bifacial Power Generation Solar Cells (TOPcon Cells)”. The project has broken the bottleneck restricting the development of cell technology.

The Panda 3.0 N-type TOPCon has built on previous technologies and application achievements to optimize its structure and process, effectively reduced electrical and optical losses while improving cell efficiency, make new breakthroughs in cell conversion efficiency and bifaciality, and realize crucial energy efficiency improvement. This new series marks the full industrialization of N-type TOPCon cells and promotes the high-quality development of the energy industry.

Yingli PANDA, the Precious Pearl of N-type Technology, Allows Multi-scenario Applications

At the exhibition, Yingli Solar launched its brand-new upgraded Panda 3.0 family series products, which is an achievement from years of technological and project experience. The new modules can be applied in popular scenarios in today's PV industry, such as sea floating series modules, residential series modules, utility power plant series modules.

The Ocean Star series modules are efficient and resistant to salt mist and load, which makes them perfectly adapted to applications in different types and scenarios of nearshore and offshore floating power station and ensures the products’ stable and superior power generation performance even in strong wind and a high salt mist environment. The full set of salt mist and corrosion-resistant BOM matched with a flexible bracket design has passed the Grade-8 salt mist test, proving its resistance against the high-salt-mist offshore environment. The outstanding load resistance and the special mounting structure design target at the sea wind and ensure high security and stability. Its higher power density and excellent temperature coefficient can achieve higher power generation, thus reducing construction costs and making it more economical. Ocean Star modules have been put into mass production and project applications.

The Roof series modules are made of black glazed glass, achieving the acme of simplicity and stylishness with a pure black design. The lightweight composite frame design decreases costs and increases efficiency from the source of production, and reduces carbon emissions and roof load. Excellent corrosion and aging resistance make the products suitable for long-term use in complex building environments. The unique insulation property can reduce potential-induced degradation (PID). Added with Yingli Solar’s latest Panda 3.0 N-Type TOPCon technology, the modules can increase power generation by up to 30%.

Supported by years of outdoor empirical data, the PANDA utility power plant series modules incorporate the achievements of industrialization and the demonstration base over the years into its product design to provide customers with solutions of high power production and high return on investment.

Smart Energy System Interaction to Explore N-fold Possibilities of PV

In addition to the new products suitable for various scenarios, Yingli Solar, based on 25 years of experience in the PV industry, has adopted the advanced smart technologies and energy management concepts of the industry and made a unique and innovative presentation of an interactive system of smart power plants and an interactive system of smart microgrid at this year's SNEC.

The smart microgrid interactive system realizes the optimal matching among PV power supply, inverters, energy storage and power load through fine operation, and effectively ensures high-proportion access to and maximum utilization of renewable energy.

The smart power plant interactive system is capable of real-time monitoring and data analysis of power plants’ generation, energy storage, and power consumption 24 hours a day. In this way, it optimizes power plant operation efficiency, increases power generation and yields, and promptly solves problems that affect power generation, such as dust, shading, and faults, to ensure that the power plant is always in the best condition for operation.

Pioneer of N-type Technology with Authoritative Certification

With strength comes glory. During the SNEC, Yingli Solar won a number of top honors and recognition.

On the first day of the exhibition, Yingli Solar won the 2023 Top Brand PV award by EUPD Research for its technological innovation, brand influence and customer satisfaction. It was given the award in the important PV markets such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition, Yingli Solar's high-efficiency PV modules are named the “Top Performer” module manufacturer by PVEL, the world's leading independent third-party PV tester, for their outstanding performance and reliability. Every year, PVEL evaluates the reliability of PV modules through stringent tests with standards higher than that of the IEC certification and issues the PV Module Reliability Scorecard, which serves as an important reference for measuring the long-term reliability and performance data of PV modules. This award reaffirms the quality of Yingli Solar's products and is another authoritative recognition of Yingli Solar after it was awarded the Tier 1 PV Module Manufacturer by BNEF.

Joins Hands with Partners and Share the Epoch N

Let’s jointly create Epoch N of PV. During the SNEC, Yingli Solar joins hands with its global partners and shares the dividends of the PV industry.

On May 24, Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd. and GD Power Hebei Newenergy Development Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the two sides will carry out long-term cooperation on the development and construction of high-efficiency modules and new energy projects, and actively explore green energy transformation and the construction of new power systems guided by the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality targets.

At the exhibition, Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd. and China Resources Power Investment Co., Ltd. North China Branch reached an agreement on deep, comprehensive strategic cooperation. The two sides will give full play to their respective strengths, focus on PV and other renewable energy, carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of smart energy, and create a sustainable green ecosystem.

On the afternoon of May 24, Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd. and Munich Reinsurance Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Munich Re will provide PV Warrantly insurance for Yingli Solar's PV modules. The cooperation will not only provide stronger support for Yingli Solar's globalization strategy, but also make Yingli Solar a more reliable choice for global customers with adequate life-cycle guarantees.

First ESG Report Released, N-fold Fusion Promotes Zero-carbon Revolution

Yingli Solar has been committed to building a green community with a shared future. In 2022, it took the lead in publishing the Action Plan for Carbon Neutralization (White Paper) and announced that it will achieve its carbon neutrality goals by 2030. At the exhibition, Yingli Solar launched the 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report for global customers. In the past year, Yingli Solar upheld the enterprise spirit of “responsibility, tenacity, innovation, high efficiency” and made remarkable progress in market development, scientific and technological research and development, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and basic management. In 2023, Yingli Solar will continue to uphold intelligent, green, safe, efficient and high-quality development, promote the innovation and development of green and smart energy technologies, and contribute to the sustainable development of the environment and society.

By creating and sharing Epoch N, Yingli Solar is tapping into the unlimited potential of PV. In the future, Yingli Solar will continue to promote the innovation and development of green and smart energy technologies through constant innovation and technological progress, facilitate the green and low-carbon transformation of energy and the construction of new power systems, and share with the world the dividends of China's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality progress.