Deye and Menlo Electric Expand Partnership at Intersolar Germany, Securing Additional 100MW Contract for MENA Market


This collaboration represents a major milestone in Deye's expansion, as it gains access to Menlo Electric's extensive distribution channels. Deye is firmly committed to addressing the energy shortage demand in the Middle East and Africa market by delivering its solar photovoltaic solutions. Demonstrating their dedication, the two companies have pledged a volume of 100+MW specifically aimed at expanding their presence in the region by the end of 2023.

Menlo Electric has solidified its position as the premier distributor of solar components. In 2022 alone, the company delivered over 600 MW of renewable energy solutions to more than 30 countries, operating from ten strategically located logistics hubs spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“Menlo Electric is a valued distributor for Deye, and we have full confidence that this new commitment will greatly enhance the visibility and recognition of Deye's brand in the MENA market. We firmly believe that this strategic alliance will mutually benefit both companies, driving advancements in the renewable solar energy storage industry,”- stated Marcin Zienkiewicz, Head of Procurement and Trading at Menlo Electric.

From the left: David Ji, Vice General Manager of Deye Inverter Technology Ltd,Bartosz Majewski, CEO of Menlo Electric.

“This collaboration is truly inspiring, as it presents a multitude of opportunity for both parties involved. As a renowned brand in the PV inverter industry, Deye is committed to providing Menlo Electric with cutting-edge power solutions that offer unparalleled functionality and superior conversion efficiency. Concurrently, Menlo Electric will provide Deye by offering top-tier sales channels and efficient warehousing and local logistics services. With Menlo Electric's mature distribution channels, we are confident that this partnership will significantly benefit for the marketing promotion of Deye's remarkable products”. – says David Ji, Vice General Manager and Director of inverter R&D of Deye Inverter Technology Ltd.

André Zimmermann, Head of EU at Deye Inverter Technology Ltd, introduced the micro-inverter series, HV hybrid inverter series, and C&I All-in-one series to attendees following the signing ceremony at Intersolar Germany. Deye's C&I 50kW hybrid inverter series has already gained recognition in the European market for its distinctive diesel generator application, AC coupling features, and impressive scalability. These features enable optimized self-consumption by compatibility with diesel generators, energy storage in batteries, and backup power functionality, ensuring a continuous power supply during grid outages.

Deye also showcased its latest cutting-edge energy technologies, including string inverters and all-in-one series, featuring compatibility with high battery capacity.

As Menlo Electric and Deyeenhance their cooperation, the market in the Middle East and North Africa region can expect improved availability of cutting-edge solar solutions and a heightened emphasis on renewable energy.