Dowell wins award at storage conference in Shanghai


On July 9, 2019, the “6th International Solar Power Storage Conference” was held in the Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel. This was a high-end conference focusing on the development of electrochemical energy storage, attracting power grid companies, investors, integrators and equipment manufacturers and attended by more than 800 industry professionals. The conference invited more than 70 industry experts from home and abroad to speak on high-profile hot topics relating to this industry. The opportunities available in the various markets market were discussed and the conference provided a very good platform for communication between global industry players.

As a major player in the industry, Shanghai Dowell Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference and won the award for being the “2019 Energy Storage Industry Best System Integration Solution Provider”. This award shows that Dowell ‘s technical accumulation in the energy storage industry has been recognized by the jury and industry insiders.

Dowell has completed more than 50 core equipment supply and EPC contracting projects including PCS and EMS and covering the three areas of user-side peak-filling, energy storage on the grid side, and AGC frequency-modulation on the power generation side. All of the energy storage power stations are now providing customers with a stable investment income, which has been well received by partners and customers.

Dowell says it will continue to hold its position at the forefront of the energy storage industry, solidifying its position as a source of technical advancements which in turn provide the best system integration solutions for the energy storage industry.