DXT Commodities signs an agreement for the acquisition of WESII’s share


WESII S.r.l. is a highly innovative Italian start-up, established in 2016 by a team of people with extensive international experience in optical and multispectral analyses.

The company carries out aerial inspections using drones equipped with thermal and infrared sensors capable of high-quality analyses that are mainly exploited in the renewable sector: a market composed of both subsidized power plants that require continuous monitoring and by new plants that are increasingly built to operate in grid parity.

WESII offers state-of-the-art preventive maintenance solutions, aimed at maintaining high performances and uninterrupted operations, guaranteeing high precision in the detection of defective elements and potential failures.

With this acquisition, DXT Commodities intends to expand its range of services to meet the increasingly complex requests of renewable power plants owners, including sophisticated monitoring, predictive analysis of potential failures and constant support to the analysis of a plant’s profitability. In turn WESII will now be able to count on a strong partner with a wide international experience such as DXT, also capable of providing the resources required to increase its turnover