Ebes announces activation of its first solar farm in Brazil


The investment in solar energy presents an exponential growth. According to data from ABSolar – Brazilian Association of Solar Photovoltaic Energy – the sector grows 300% per year until the end of 2017, the investments are sound R $ 4.5 billion. Aware of the evolution of the market, an EBES, Brazilian Solar Energy Company, which since 2010 has developed and implemented solar electric energy systems in the country, announces an activation of the first Solar Farm in Brazil, a pioneering and innovative initiative that proposes a disruption of consumption power.

One company chose a 2.5-hectare farm in Minas Gerais, in the city of João Pinheiro, 400 km from the capital, for solar energy and through subscription plans, fast and practical supplies to business companies in the cities of Minas Gerais that are served by CEMIG, Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais.

With an investment of R $ 5 million, an activation of the farm is scheduled for November and has 73 closed clients. At the first moment, access is restricted only to business and business: EBES analyzes the property profile based on the consumption of the last 12 months, and from this survey, indicates a number of lots required to meet the demand. Instead, through CEMIG, the energy generated by the lot reaches the customer.

It is also possible to choose between two signature plans and both contaminated in line of generation and consumption of energy – Solar Basic and Solar Plus. In the first one there are no costs for not demanding fidelity, but to acquire the second it is necessary to invest R $ xxx, for 24 months of fidelity and guarantee savings of up to 10% without consumption. “EBES aims to make solar energy accessible to all, as well as being a sustainable consumption that results in savings for customers. The farm project is a pioneer in the market, offering the entrepreneur a freedom of choice in the way of energy consumption and in the future we want to expand its reach, “explains Rodolfo Molinari, EBES ‘New Business Director. The expectation of the company is in a year Solar Farm meet the residential consumer, in addition to inaugurating a second unit, which receive up to 200 customers.