Ecoult makes the Global Cleantech 100 list


Sydney based Ecoult was today named in the Cleantech Group’s prestigious 2013 Global Cleantech 100 as one of the world’s top 100 private companies in clean technology from a field of 6,000 nominated global companies.

Ecoult designs and delivers energy storage solutions based on the UltraBattery – an advanced hybrid ultracapacitor and lead acid battery technology.

UltraBattery was invented by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and outperforms on the key performance metrics required for grid-scale renewable energy support.

Ecoult’s storage solutions support the integration of rising levels of renewable generation into grid systems by controlling power ramp rate at the point of generation, or by controlling variability on the grid through the provision of grid ancillary services.

In off-grid and hybrid configurations, the UltraBattery can improve system efficiencies and help reduce the use of fossil fuels while simultaneously stabilizing the increased penetration of renewable generation.

Global MW-scale installations of Ecoult’s technology have already shown UltraBattery to be dependable and highly effective for wind smoothing, solar smoothing, peak shifting, grid support and reserve applications.

An exciting transformative possibility for the UltraBattery is the ability to leverage existing infrastructure to deliver the lowest cost energy storage solution for multiple purposes.

UltraBattery can be used, for example, to deliver renewable smoothing or grid ancillary services, and still have sufficient back-up capability to respond immediately to any grid outage or reserve event.

This symbiotic storage combination makes efficient use of shared infrastructure while offering compelling economics for investors, owners and regulators concerned about grid stability and/or grid resiliency.

Ecoult CEO John Wood says the company is humbled to have been recognized in what is a highly innovative and competitive clean technology market.

"This recognition is a great honor for Ecoult and for our US parent company, East Penn Manufacturing," said Wood. "We are very fortunate to have an awesome technology to steward and to have assembled a fantastic team to take it forward."

To cap off its green credentials, Ecoult is one of the few companies today truly able to claim leadership in product recyclability and safety.