Elettronica Santerno: new contract in Brasil for 300 MW for an equivalent of 15 million USD


Enertronica S.p.A. (“Enertronica” or “The Group”), an Italian company operating in renewables, energy saving and electro-mechanical systems design and production, announces that its subsidiary Elettronica Santerno signed a new contract in Brasil for 300MW power inverter supply.

The contract was awarded by a leading global utilitiy active in renewable energy for an equivalent 15 million USD. The project start is yet to be defined, but is expected no later than the end of 2019.

Santerno has been operating in Brazil for many years with its subsidiary Santerno do Brasil. Santerno’s rooted presence in Brazil has facilitated the participation to such tenders and will further contribute to future developments in the renewable energy sector. The pipeline awarded in 2017 was made possible by the combination of high quality, high performances and competiveness of Elettronica Santerno’s products.

According to Vito Nardi, Enertronica Group Chairman and CEO: “..obtaining this contract ends 2017 with a historic result for Elettronica Santerno. Within one year we managed to sign over 800MW agreements and orders with various customers.. This amount represents about 50% of the total supplied by Santerno in the Utility Scale Sector, from its foundation to date. Knowing that we have achieved a portfolio of orders that seemed unreachable only a year ago allows us to to look at the future with greater degree of predictability, and raises our optimism in facing future challenges.”