Emeren signs co-development agreement for PV systems in Italy with A2A


Emeren, an international platform for the development of photovoltaic and distributed generation systems, and A2A, a “Life Company” which provides environmental, water and energy services, have signed an agreement for the joint development in Italy of photovoltaic projects in a variety of sizes. The partnership aims to strengthen and increase national energy production from renewable sources, with a particular focus on the central-northern regions.

The agreement lays the foundations for a long-term collaboration between the parties, as it does not set contractual limits in terms of installed power. Moreover, the contract allows for scalability and replicability to other technologies or business models.

Marcelina Sobczak, CFO of Emeren, commented: “Collaborating with one of the energy leaders in Italy is undoubtedly a source of great pride for Emeren. This agreement, which represents a milestone in the company's growth, is in line with our industrial and strategic plan and contributes to our expansion in the Italian landscape of photovoltaic development. For us, it is an exciting opportunity to grow and to contribute to the energy transition of our country”.

Emeren was assisted in the operation by the advisors Legance and Etica Finanziaria.