Europe-wide cooperation between Sungrow and Solar-Log™


Sungrow, the leading global inverter solution supplier for renewables projects, and Solar-Log™, one of the leading companies in PV monitoring, smart energy and feed-in management, will cooperate in several European countries which are key markets for both companies – among them Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

The two companies will jointly bring interaction between professional monitoring and energy management as well as innovative PV inverter technology to the next level by offering price-competitive monitoring solutions – inclusive of hardware and software.

Starting this spring, Sungrow and Solar-Log™ present a sales package including the latest inverter technology, efficient monitoring solutions consisting of Solar-Log™ hardware and free five-year usage of the Solar-Log WEB Enerest “L” software option.

“The cooperation with Solar-Log™ offers an abundant added-value package to our customers including a state-of-the-art complimentary Solar-Log™ monitoring portal”, said Stefan Froböse, technical director for Sungrow EMEA.

Jörg Niche, chief sales director of Solar-Log™, said: “Sungrow is an industry leader and valued partner for us in the area of PV inverter technology. The company understands the value proposition of a professional monitoring and energy management system in combination with a high-efficiency PV inverter. We are delighted to support Sungrow’s activities in several European countries by offering our products and solutions.”