European-scale PV project: KSTAR has provided inverters to 240 MW Pokrovska SPP in Ukraine


KSTAR provides a turnkey solution (96 units of GSM2500C-MV35) to the 240 MW Pokrovska SPP in Ukraine. The Pokrovska Solar Power Plant, as the second largest solar farm in Europe by installed capacity, is launched recently. The solar farm in the Dnipropetrovsk region will provide 200 thousand households with clean energy, will help reduce CO2 emissions and strengthen Ukraine’s energy independence. The solar power plant began generating green electricity in October 2019.

According to KPMG report, alongside Ukraine’s clear natural advantages, particularly for solar and wind generation, the government is committed to generating 25 per cent of the nation’s power from renewable sources by 2035. Therefore, the local energy companies will get much support from the government and the people in Ukraine will have more power and new energy to use.

To penetrate Ukraine energy market and help the economy develop, KSTAR brings smart PV turnkey solutions to Ukraine, not only providing  inverters GSM2500C-MV35 to the 240 MW Pokrovska SPP in Oct 2019, but also supplying inverters GSL 2500MV35  to grid-connection of 200MW Nikopol  SES  project in Mar,2019.  All container inverters of the Pokrovska SPP  and  Nikopol  SES projects , totally 440MW,  are provided by KSTAR.   Until now, KSTAR has provided 1.5GW installation in Ukraine. Moreover, KSTAR is NO.1 inverters market share in CIS.

KSTAR smart technology stands out from other manufacturers. The powerful product GSM2500C-MV35, installed in Pokrovska SPP, is a DC 1500V Turnkey Solution (Inverter+MV Transformer+RMU), which incorporates features Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5, night SVG function, modular design for easy maintenance, IP54 outdoor protection, Max PV Voltage up to 1500V, full power output under 50, AVC/AGC GSM2500C, etc.

“As one of the world’s leading suppliers, We are expecting more achievement from Europe in the utility-scale ,the residential and the commercial markets. For on-grid storage systems, with smart PV products we are definitely seeing more opportunities in developed markets such as Europe and Australia. Our turnkey solutions on the other hand will continue to penetrate in Europe, Middle East and Africa.” Said the sales director Mr.Ye from KSTAR.

Today, as one of the world’s leading suppliers, KSTAR offers the higher quality central inverters and grid-tie energy storage systems, and partnerships built on service, reliability and excellence. For more information, welcome to visit our webpage,  or contact us

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