Everybody Solar to kick off flagship solar project for Rebuilding Together Peninsula


Everybody Solar announced today that it has surpassed its fundraising goal of $34,000 and can now begin its inaugural solar project, a 13.5 kW system on the roof of Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP).

The fundraising effort kicked off in May of last year and has attracted approximately 100 donors to date. This installation will bring much needed solar power to RTP’s Redwood City headquarters, saving the nonprofit close to $100,000 throughout the system’s life.

“The compound savings this project will provide the community are what drew us to helping Rebuilding Together Peninsula. For each dollar we raise, RTP will save $2.20, and each dollar RTP spends on home improvement makes a difference to a neighbor in need. We’re proud to be able to help non-profits like RTP save money and expand their operations with solar power,” says Youness Scally, Executive Director and Co-founder of Everybody Solar.

The solar energy revolution has begun to sweep California and homeowners and businesses are leveraging solar to improve their budgets and produce energy locally at faster rates than ever before. However, non-profits are precluded from benefiting from solar incentives because they are non-taxable entities and therefore do not qualify for tax credits.

Thus they are shut out from solar leasing provisions. By enabling charitable organizations to go solar, Everybody Solar is helping communities by helping their benefactor organizations on the front lines.

“We are thrilled to partner with Everybody Solar,” says Seana O'Shaughnessy, RTP Executive Director. “Incorporating green construction and energy efficient practices into our rehabilitation projects has become one of our top priorities. With the help of Everybody Solar, we can implement these principles at our own facility. Additionally, the annual cost savings is significant – allowing us to complete more projects each year.”

Everybody Solar has selected SunWork Renewable Energy Projects, a nonprofit solar installation firm based in Palo Alto, to complete the project. Everybody Solar chose to work with SunWork not only for economic reasons but also due to their strong social mission.

By training and supervising volunteers to install solar systems, SunWork is able to provide clean energy to organizations and homes that otherwise could not afford to go solar. Construction is expected to begin at the beginning of April and last one week.