First 5MW SKY Project—Contributed by TATA Power & GoodWe


TATA Power Solar is currently installing the first 5 MW pilot project site by site from the end of 2018. They particularly selected GoodWe solar inverters for this demanding project thanks to its extraordinary adaptability for various grid situations and outstanding efficiency during extreme weathers such as non-degradation under 50°C extreme hot climate. A wide range of products were chosen for this pilot project, capacity covers 5-60KW.

“Such government projects must have higher requirements for quality and service, which secures investment payback and guarantees longevity of solar system, which would differentiate us from many other players on the market. EPC and developer giants tend to pay increasing attention on the overall strengths of a supplier, instead of just looking at the price” said James Hou, Sales Manager for Asia Pacific. “Like TATA Power, after a very rigorous product selection process, long-term testing and practical use, GoodWe was finally shortlisted as their major inverter partner and has supplied TATA Power Solar with more than 100MW inverters up until now. Cooperation again in this remarkable government program, with a 7-year warranty provided by GoodWe, enhances mutual trust in our partnership.”

GoodWe also offers an unparalleled pan-India after-sales service with a local team of 10 people. One of the engineers is based in Gujarat 24/7 to support the construction and commissioning of the SKY project.

It is a revolutionary and symbolic step towards empowering farmers to generate their own electricity using solar energy and helps double their income. GoodWe is committed to providing high quality and efficient solar solutions in terms of development and construction activities and make its own contribution to a renewable and sustainable future in India and as well as all around the world.