Fox ESS Unveils Innovative Microinverter and Hybrid inverter H3 Pro Series during Smarter E Europe


Fox ESS Microinverter series offer power classes from 600 VA to 1200 VA, with IP class 67 and integrated WIFI and Zigbee communication. They are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize power losses and are equipped with safety features to protect users from the risk of electrical shock and other hazards. Additionally, they can convert more energy from the sun into usable electricity than traditional string inverters due to a higher efficiency. Furthermore, they can monitor and adjust the output of each individual solar panel, resulting in improved system performance and increased energy production. They come with 10 years warranty and can provide energy security and reduce dependences on foreign sources of energy and stimulate economic growth.

The Fox H3 Pro series, is a natural evolution from the successful H3 series, providing energy independence from 15-30 kW. It features 3 MPPTs for diverse solar-oriented rooftops, high-current DC inputs, integration with smart homes, and integration with Fox ESS energy management system. The inverters are equipped with a built-in emergency power supply, allowing them to establish an independent grid for emergency power supply within 20ms or less during a blackout or grid disconnection. The inverters offer a maximum of two battery inputs (2 Ports) and a vast selection of battery options, enabling customers to expand their capacities up to 66 kWh each. In industrial/commercial mode, several H3 Pro inverters can be configured in parallel, creating a battery system with a maximum capacity of 660 kWh. The H3 Pro series is easy plug-and plays solution and fits perfectly with our Fox ESS high voltage batteries-lines ECS 2800/2900/4100/4300/4800, as well as MIRA and HV 2600 batteries. The batteries can work in different working environment from -10℃ to 55℃ and all of them have IP65 for outdoor usage.