FuturaSun: Energy Station Plus passes Lighting Global Quality Standards


The FuturaSun Energy Station Plus has been tested according to the Quality Test Method (QTM) in the latest edition of IEC/TS 62257-9-5 and meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards.

Energy Station Plus is the ideal solar lighting and phone charging kit for all the situations where there is no connection to the electrical grid: rural zones, campsites, mountain huts and outdoor activities.

The product passes the baseline level of quality, durability, and truth-in-advertising set by Lighting Global, the joint IFC and World Bank initiative that serves as an umbrella for the quality assurance work of Lighting Africa and Lighting Asia-India Programs – regional programs catalyzing markets for off-grid lighting products.

The tests were completed at the Schatz Energy Research Center in Arcata, California and included also a warranty check, a solar module quality check, visual screening, and ingress protection of the solar module juntion box.

FuturaSun Energy Station results are excellent: after 2,000 hours run time the original output of the lights remains 102%! The run time of solar charging is 3.3 hours with 3 lights on and 9.6 hours with one light on per day, the effective Lumen provided by the three bulbs are 320. The test results are available here.

As a further confirmation of the quality of FuturaSun’s products, the company announces the supply of 2000 Energy Station Plus for Cameroon, the Central African country.