Future PV Solutions by Growatt at Smart Energy Summit


Speaking at NSW Smart Energy Summit on Tuesday in Sydney, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urges the federal government to create investment certainty and boost investment in the electricity sector. “Everyone has to open their eyes to the reality. Renewable energy is cheaper!” Turnbull provides his strong advocacy for clean energy to combat climate change. As the continent with vast abundant solar resources, Australia is set to become a major force in fighting climate change.

Apart from strong incentives by the governments for clean energy investment, technology advancements to reduce cost and promote popularity of green energy are also crucial for the development of solar industry. Rex Wang, Growatt product manager, presents a comprehensive product lineup of PV solutions at the Summit for residential solar in Australia. Recently Growatt has developed a compact but powerful inverter model Growatt TL-X for the Australian market. This up-to-date PV solution by Growatt is expected to slash power bills and reduce maintenance costs of the solar system. With its appealing design, it will be popular among the local solar community.

Growatt TL-X with a capacity range from 2.5k to 6k would be the best inverter solution for household projects. Its efficiency can reach up to 98.4% and its dual MPPTs will allow flexible configuration for residential projects. “Growatt TL-X looks very appealing to end-users and it weighs about 10.8 kg, that’s approximately 30% lighter than other ‘old’ inverter models. It will be easier to transport, install and maintain. ” said Wang at the event. Growatt TL-X is tailored to the Australian market with its OLED + Touch Key design, which is popular in the local market. With the development of IoT technology, Growatt has developed its OSS (Online Smart Service) platform, where distributors, installers and end-users could log in from their PC or mobile devices for monitoring, software upgrade, troubleshooting etc. “Growatt OSS will serve as a convenient yet powerful tool for the clients and save them a lot of time and money.” continued Wang.

The fact that “Renewables are cheaper” and that climate change is a scientific fact will drive governments, solar manufacturers and other people involved in the solar industry to work together towards a future of net-zero emissions. Growatt will continue to invest in its product and technology developments and collaborate with partners across the solar industry to contribute to clean energy.