Ginlong (Solis) awarded by TÜV Rheinland.


“All Quality Matters”Ceremony organized by TÜV Rheinland published the measured results of efficiency of ” PV Inverter for Commercial Use (20kW) ” are designed to verify the main indicators affecting the power generation of photovoltaic system through the long-term rigorous test data records of photovoltaic inverter, which have been recognized and supported by industry experts, authorities, owners and manufacturers.

In order to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of data, in the evaluation link of ” PV Inverter for Commercial Use (20kW)”,  TUV Rheinland forms comprehensive evaluation data score based on its comprehensive test data of Max input power, Max output power, thermal stability, Chinese efficiency, power quality and other aspects.According to TUV's evaluation results of five performance indexes of PV Inverter for Commercial Use 20kW– Ginlong(Solis) achieved full marks in three Indexes. In particularit was far ahead in the efficiency test, most important factor related was to the generation capacity in China and was finally awarded the first prize as “PV Inverter for Commercial Use (20kW) ”

While receiving the award, a representative of Ginlong (Solis)Mentioned: “We thank TÜV Rheinland for awarding Ginlong (Solis), this is the biggest recognition and praise for our technical innovation.We have grown into the world's leading group of inverter manufacturers with excellent product quality and performance, as well as with the maximum customer satisfaction and market support. As a representative of technological innovation in the industry, Ginlong (Solis) broke through the technical bottleneck as early as 2016 and took the lead in launching a new generation of 4G inverter technology platform, which helped promote the diversified development of the high-end market of tandem inverter.This 20kW model represents Medium Power Series of Ginlong (Solis). It is the balance point of all kinds of designs found on the existing 4G technology platform. With the decline of domestic photovoltaic subsidies, the capacity of household photovoltaic system increases gradually. More and more commercial medium power inverters are used in larger capacity photovoltaic systems. We look forward to execute with passion in the application market with TÜV Rhineland's awarding.

Extended Reading: TÜV Rhineland, founded in 1872, is the world's leading third-party authoritative testing agency. In the global new energy industry, it has strong strength in testing, certification and technical evaluation, and has become the synonym of “safety and quality” in the hearts of global consumers and enterprises.