Ginlong Technology pioneered the launch of 4th generation inverter technology


On December 22, 2016, the “Ginlong Brand New Generation of 4G Inverter” product launch conference went successfully at Xiangshan Grand Ocean Hotel in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The significant technical breakthrough of Ginlong 4G Inverter based on the new 4th generation of Inverer platform in aspects of performance, security and grid-friendliness was perfectly demonstrated during the event.

The conference has attracted great attention from PV industry insiders. Mr. Fuxin Shen, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Solar Industry Association, Mr. Weichun Li, TÜV Rheinland Electronics Greater China Managing Director, and Mr. Yiming Wang, Managing Director of Ginlong Technology, together with nearly 300 customers and over 50 news media groups from solar industry and internet portals such as attended this new product release conference. The industrial insiders and media groups witnessed this major technical breakthrough and showed their interest and anticipation for the technology innovation.

On December 22nd at 8:30 am, the new product launch conference kicked off. Mr. Fuxin Shen,Secretary-General of Zhejiang Solar Industry Association delivered the opening speech. He said: “China’s PV industry will continue to maintain the rapid growing speed during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and will stand at a even higher starting point and face more sever challenges. The non-stopping technology innovation is the only way to achieve customer satisfaction and industry recognition.”

Gilong was also honored to have Mr. Weichun Li,TÜV Rheinland Electronics Greater China Managing Director present at the conference as well. In his speech, Mr. Li summarized several “No. 1 events” that Ginlong achieved in China PV industry, respectively: Firstly, Ginlong Technology is the first string inverter manufacturer emerged in China. Established in 2005, Ginlong has a 11-years operating history to date. Secondly, Ginlong is one of first batch of Chinese string inverter manufacturers that entered international markets, as well as the first Chinese company entering the US market. Mr. Li added, “Today, Ginlong has achieved another ‘No.1’ — its 4G inverter is the smallest & lightest string inverter of the same kind in the market. I hope that in the near future it will soon capture the recognition in aspects of performance, quality, safety, stability and reliability in both domestic and international markets.”

Ginlong 4G Inverter Unveiling Ceremony was held during the conference. Ginlong Technology Managing Director Mr. Yiming Wang and Secretary General of Zhejiang Solar Industry Association Mr. Fuxin Shen unveiled the new product jointly. The media reporters and conference audiences present witnessed this exciting moment with great applause.

During the conference, customers from Mexico, US and Sweden highly praised Ginlong via videos for their quality products and attentive service ever delivered , and at the same time, expressed their anticipation to Ginlong’s new 4G inverters.

Everyone has a master in his heart. We salute the master, salute new technology. We stick to innovation, excellence and reliability. We love our solar industry, and well treat our blue sky and green mountain and water. Each one of our technology innovations is purely for the purpose of achieving a leading masterpiece. Ginlong’s R&D team has dedicated over 1000 days and nights to create this brand new 4G inverter with better performance, better safety and better user-friendliness. They made great efforts and brought out this new product with their sincerity, and won this great achievement which is well deserved.

Following a brief introductory vedio play of the 4G inverter, Mr. Yiming Wang introduced the new 4G product in great detail and answered the questions from the audience. “The new 4G string inverters have unique advantages compared to those conventional inverters in the market,” Mr. Wang said. He then further explained these strengths as following:

The first strength is its performance improvement. 4G represents the 4th generation. The 4G inverter uses brand new 4G inverter technology platform. For a single-phase inverter, its maximum power can reach 6-10kW, whereas most of the single-phase inverters in the market can only achieve 6kW at maximum. The new product can have a maximum of 3 MPPT tracking; and can be extended to 4 MPPT. Multi-channel MPPT technology is one of the key factors in increasing electricity output. The common single-phase inverters generally can only achieve a maximum of 2 MPPT. The new product uses the latest 5th generation of German Infineon IGBT chip technology, whereas others generally use the 3rd generation product. The 5th generation of IGBT can increase the efficiency by 0.5-0.8% compared with the former generation. The new US TI2806 series DSP chip technology was adopted, and its CPU processing speed and PWM resolution have increased 50% over the generally-adopted 2803 series. The switching frequency of the inverter exceeds 30kHZ, whereas the common inverters are usually at 20kHZ or below, and this in turn, will greatly reduce the inductance loss and at the same time results in lower temperature increase. As all know, with the ambient temperature lower for every 10 degrees, the electronic components’ lifespan can be doubled each time.The noise frequency range that can be captured by human being is below 20kHz, and the 4G product breakthrough the switching frequency of 30kHZ, and hence brings the users a real pure mute mode. The innovated main circuit board design greatly improves EMC+EMS performances of the inverter as well.

The second strength is its safety improvement. The product applies hardware dead zone technology and achieves double safety guarantee. Customers can choice to use AFCI antiarc device. Previously there was almost no method to automatically prevent the fire in case the PV system caught a fire. With this technical application, Ginlong 4G inverter can promptly detect the fire on the rooftop.Even if the components and wire terminals produce arc ignition due to poor contact, the inverter can automatically cut off the circuit within the shortest period of time to put off arc ignition. It can escape the fire by 99%.

The third strength is its grid-friendliness improvement. Ginlong uses a built-in DRM module to realize the intelligent scheduling of the grid. In other words, the grid can realize the intelligent control of the 4G inverter through DRM protocols,and achieve optimal grid dispatch under large scale distributed system grid access conditions. The new active voltage stabilization technology stabilizes the local grid voltage through no-power compensation. At present, the grids in rural areas are generally not in good condition, and the inverter access will cause voltage fluctuation of the grid. The common method used by a conventional inverter is to loosen up its voltage range to passively adapt to this situation. Ginlong 4G inverter, on the other hand, sends inductive or capacitive reactive power to proactively compensate for it, in this way, it can flat the grid fluctuations and stabilize the local grid voltage. This technology is currently widely adopted in large-scale power plants in rural areas with weak grid condition, and the improvement is very obvious.

Wang indicated that Gilong would start the small batch production of this new 4G product from 2017Q1. As an high-end type of inverter in the current market, Ginlong hopes that customers with demand can start to experience the new product, while the company will try to set a moderate price for it. “Although the current price is 10-15% higher than the conventional inverter, Ginlong hope it can achieve price competitive within 12 months through the market application at large scale. At the same time,the company would like the customers to consider the improvements in performance, safety and reliability the new product brings, not counting on price only. We cannot provide the cheapest inverter, but we do make our high-end product worth its price,” said Wang.

Under currently brutal price competition, Ginlong does not take the cost cut as its primary factor in new generation inverter development as other companies do. As an internationally leading inverter manafacturer, Ginlong is willing to take the responsibility on behalf of the industry, bringing a high-end, independently innovated brand new inverter technology platform. Its behavior has won high praises and good wishes for further developments and achievements from the conference attendees.