GoodWe 20 kW SDT Series Brings Power Density to Unprecedented Levels


The new 20 kW SDT series allows 130% DC oversizing to fully maximize capacity. In addition, with 110% AC overload and a start-up voltage of 180 V, it guarantees an earlier generation of power and a longer working time for maximum energy harvest. Thanks to its smart fan cooling technology design, the inverter runs full load and reliably cool in -25 – 60 °C temperatures.

As residential rooftop PV projects continue to expand toward larger systems up to 20 kW, three-phase string inverters are gaining an increasing market share in both household and commercial projects. The use of single-phase inverters in a three-phase environment might cause faults due to unsymmetrical grid issues. While it is technically possible to install both single and three phase inverters if you own a three-phase property, many network operators will not allow an imbalance across the phases. Therefore, the only solution is either to install three single phase inverters for each phase or one three phase inverter that will work across three phases.

Furthermore, high-efficiency module technologies – e.g. bifacial, mono PERC – are also seizing market share and setting the stage for even higher efficiencies to come, which requires inverter manufacturers to catch up with these new technologies. However, some residential three-phase inverters in the market are heavy, bulky, and difficult to install.

Compared with equivalent competitor products, the new GoodWe 20 kW SDT series inverter is the most compact and lightweight inverter in the market with the highest power density and maximum efficiency of 98.6%. With a weight of just 26 kg, the new SDT series is easier to handle and install than any other similar three-phase inverters currently available.