Greenzu launches online solar sales tool to improve the way installers and customers share information


With this free platform – offers installers an online platform to share documents and solar proposals securely with each of their customers in one location. As the customer navigates through the system, installers will immediately know that their deal is moving forward with automatic Greenzu notifications.

Meanwhile, customers can immediately post questions or upload information at their convenience. STREAMLINE BUILDING OWNER’S DECISION-MAKING “We keep seeing the solar sales process drag out by customers waiting for answers or installers waiting for documents from the customer,” explained Brandon Conard, C.E.O. of Greenzu. “To speed things up, we want to move the process online so customers can ask questions as they review their solar proposal, and they can see an organized list of documents the installer needs.

This helps installers in two key ways – First, they can respond more quickly to questions instead of waiting for the follow-up sales call, which creates better engagement with the customer. Second, the customer is empowered to upload documents needed for solar system design without the installer having to pester them.” TRACK SOLAR PROPOSALS IN-PLAY also provides installers analytics about which proposals get viewed and when. “We get frustrated when we send out a sales proposal and it goes into a black box. Sometimes we will not hear a response for a few weeks.

We do not know if the customer is considering it or ignoring it. We built to solve this problem for all our installer partners. By putting the proposal online, we can see which customers are actively reviewing the proposal versus which have not really looked at it. This helps us know which deals are still-in-play, so we can focus our sales efforts accordingly,’ Conard noted. The tool is geared primarily for commercial solar as opposed to residential systems. It is free to use for any solar installer.

It is available for any proposal even if Greenzu is not offering PPA finance for it. Sign up today at: >