Growatt ranked third after SolarEdge and SMA in single-phase inverter shipments


By the end of last year, Growatt has shipped more than 1.7 million inverters worldwide and its inverters have been installed in over 100 countries and regions.

In 2019, Growatt expanded its businesses aggressively in key solar markets across the globe. The company continues to increase investments and strengthen its network in the Americas, Europe and APAC. Its new X generation single-phase inverters, MIN 2500-6000TL-X series and battery ready MIN 2500-6000TL-XH series are well received by the market and sales of the new inverters increased dramatically last year.

Lisa Zhang, Growatt marketing director attributed the achievement to the company’s strong and extensive supply-chain network built through the years as well as its focus on innovation, quality and service. “The string inverter segment is where Growatt has its strategic competitive advantages. Besides the X single-phase inverter series, we are launching new generation three-phase inverters this year, including MOD 3-15KTL3-X series for residential applications and MID 15-40KTL3-X series for the C&I sector. These smart and high-efficiency innovations will generate higher yields for customers,” said Zhang.

Looking ahead, Growatt has the vision where households and businesses will have clear access to smarter and safer green energy. “For this purpose, we’ve developed our solar storage products, OSS(Online Smart Service) system and smart energy solutions,” Zhang pointed out. “In the future, we’ll continue to focus on R&D to increase electricity generation, enhance system safety and smart O&M!”