Hands up with Partners, Sunova Seeks Bigger Solar Market


From June 3rd to 5th, the world’s largest solar expo of 2021, the 15th SNEC Exhibition was held in Shanghai. During the SNEC Expo, China PV module maker, the Sunova Solar signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements with domestic partners for future cooperation and development in the solar PV market.

Sunova and Hongtang

In the morning of June 3rd, witnessed by leaders of both companies including Mr. Song Wanruo, chairman of Sunova, and Mr. Zhang Daoshun, chairman of Hefei Hongtang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd, Sunova signed strategic cooperation agreement with Hongtang to establish a joint venture to expand more capacities of solar parts.

The new joint venture, which will locate in Feidong Economic Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, will have a land occupation of around 30,000 square meters and will establish production capacity for 2 GW of PV module and 10 GW of aluminum frame for PV module. The total capacity will be commissioned gradually by end of 2021.

Mr. Song Wanruo mentioned about the cooperation and future capacity that “the investment of 2 GW high-efficiency PV module and 10 GW aluminum frame for PV module will integrate the large size monocrystalline wafer technology obtained by Sunova from upstream, to realize the mass production of high-power module products at the most economical cost. Meanwhile, this project will also help economic development of Hefei. We will strive to create a win-win solution, making government satisfied, employees pleased, environment friendly and the company with steady development.

Sunova and Foxess

In the following afternoon, Mr. Song Wanruo, chairman of Sunova, and Mr. Zhu Jingcheng, general manager of Foxess Co., Ltd represented both companies and signed strategic cooperation agreement for future deeper cooperation in solar PV market. Both companies agreed to provide respective technologies with advantages in their own field and work closely in future projects of both domestic and overseas renewable energy markets, and make more positive contributions to the realization of the national goal of 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutral.

About Sunova

Established in 2016, Sunova Solar focuses on research and manufacturing of distributed PV products and provide integrated business solution of design and development distributed PV power plant. The company has finished all together 200 MW PV projects in overseas market.

Sunova has business branches in 10 countries of five continents. Renewable energy business has spread to over 40 countries with cooperation of over 800 business partners. By end of 2021, Sunova has total PV module capacity of 3 GW in China, and 1 GW capacity out of China, which all compatible with 182&210 wafer. The company plans to invest and build at least 100 MW PV plant every year in future.

Based on customer’s needs and requirement, Sunova will move on with continuing technology innovation and work closely with global partners to help the earth to have a greener and more efficiency energy world, with our best products and solutions.