Hanersun and Watsun Unite to Propel Pakistan’s Leap into Renewable Energy


Watsun is recognized as a front-runner in engineering solutions, notably in Pakistan's southern regions. As solar energy heats up in Pakistan, Watsun aims to lead the country towards renewable energy through its partnership with Hanersun.

“This collaboration represents a critical milestone for us,” stated Syed Mukarram Saeed, CEO of Watsun. “Hanersun's superior R&D capability and commitment to quality are exactly what we need to advance our energy transition. We're confident that our joint efforts will facilitate the adoption of efficient solar solutions throughout Pakistan.”

Jingyu Sun, vice president of Hanersun, remarked, “It's an honor to secure another contract with a key client in Pakistan. This not only acknowledges our technological and product excellence but also highlights our strategy's success in customer orientation and localizing our approach in Pakistan. Hanersun is dedicated to working closely with our partners to aid the country's energy transition.”

Hanersun has achieved significant growth since the establishment of its Pakistan branch in 2018, offering a comprehensive range of products and services from solar modules to energy storage solutions, EPC, and O&M. Looking ahead, Hanersun is set to continue leveraging its product and technological advantages to assist Pakistan — and the world — in creating a clean, zero-carbon future together.