Hanersun Black PV Modules Achieve the Australian CEC Certification


The two series of PV modules on the CEC list, the N-type HITOUCH 5N series, and the PERC HITOUCH 5 series, combine MBB with non-destructive cutting and high-density encapsulation technology. Thanks to their elegant obsidian-like appearance, they can perfectly match Australian roofs, creating the aesthetics of the residence and providing long-term benefits.

As the highest authority on clean energy in Australia, CEC is stringent on product access inspection, requiring manufacturers to provide test data from qualified third-party independent laboratories to ensure that product performance and safety standards meet the requirements and any solar modules entering must be subject to CEC's strict qualification review.

Australia, with the world's best solar resources and highest installed photovoltaic capacity per capita, is becoming a key market for Hanersun to focus on. This listing lays the foundation for the large-scale shipment of Hanersun's black modules to the Australian residential market. Meanwhile, it also enhances opportunities for Hanersun to put its broader overseas goals into practice.

With continuous technological innovation, lean manufacturing and high-quality management system, Hanersun ensures the reliability of its solar products. In the future, Hanersun will strive for excellence, bring more cost-effective products and superior services to customers in Australia and worldwide.