HD Hyundai Energy Solutions, Celebrating 20 Years Together, Moving Forward to Together2050: Solar PV Distributor Meeting and New Product Launch Event


Commemoration of 55,000 Cumulative Sales of Inverters

During this meeting, an official announcement was made to commemorate the cumulative sales of 55,000 string inverters, celebrating the achievements made in collaboration with the distributors. This milestone signifies a step forward towards a better future, resulting from the close cooperation and efforts with the distributors.

Introduction of 630W High-Output n-TOPCon New Product and Roadmap

Furthermore, at this meeting, a new product called n-TOPCon was introduced. Developed with the latest technology applied in a new production line, this product was presented as a core product to enhance competitiveness in the solar market and secure future growth momentum.

The meeting was attended by over 50 key distributors, providing a platform for fruitful discussions to establish a continuous cooperation system and share strategies for future growth. HD Hyundai Energy Solutions looks forward to strengthening collaboration with distributors through such meetings and events, anticipating continuous growth and development.

Participation in the 21st International Green Energy Expo: Exhibition of Innovative Product Lineup

Moreover, HD Hyundai Energy Solutions participated in the 21st International Green Energy Expo, showcasing an innovative product lineup. The exhibition featured various TOPCon and HJT new product lineups, as well as a wide range of inverter lineups from 36kW to 350kW. Additionally, presentations were made on project lease business, Operation and management service, power brokerage business, demonstrating the capability to provide one-stop solutions. Exhibiting tandem solar cells combining perovskite and HJT, the company focused on promoting its technological superiority and innovative product development efforts to the 30,000 visitors of the expo.